January 10, 2016

Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux – One of the most common illnesses and gastroenterologists see these patients many times per day. If you hurt by esophagus acid reflux, whether it’s sporadic heartburn or an endless burning behind the chest wall that interferes Acid Refluxyour night nap and normal being – Viva Healthy Life is your right choice for treatment.

If you’re presently using Prilosec, Nexium and/or Protonix what you will acquire in the following article is a small amount of information that could figuratively save your life.

These common acid-neutralizing medications, simply façade the signs of acid reflux and do without question zero to cure the primary issue.

Also what is even worse is that they cause severe, at times lethal, side effects that some physicians will never inform you about, such as osteoporosis, nutrition insufficiencies and amplified danger of life-threatening contaminations.

Also, more upsetting is that these remedies have ricochet signs as they, in reality, create the illness worse! Even more, this drugs can be extremely addictive.

While billions of Americans addicted on these medications, I actually accept as true that in the future, we’ll consider the use of acid-stopping pills as one of present medicine’s supreme huge and unforgivable mistakes.

Considering that there’s a harmless, alternative and almost 100% efficient method to treat acid reflux, the idea that many of folks believe they need to use these “remedies” for help is principally disturbing. Doctors who don’t deliberate these alternative opportunities with patients are making a big mistake.

 The Leading Acid Reflux Experts will take care of your problems

At Viva Healthy Life in Philadelphia, PA Dr. Tsan and Dr. Selcova have assisted their patients in curing their digestion problems, get off acid-stopping medications and permanently end their symptoms without dangerous drugs.

So if you’re stressed with esophageal acid reflux contact Viva Healthy Life for FREE initial evaluation.

You don’t have to suffer from acid reflux anymore

Are you aware that, based on FDA permission, the acid-blocking medications are in fact safe if taken for no longer than 2 weeks? However these drugs are given out by many physicians recurrently with unlimited refills, and millions of folks use them for years. At some point, people become addicted to these meds and… If you are one of those people – you know the rest of the story.

Because “anti-reflux” medicines bring a huge percentage of the pharmaceutical companies’ earnings and are in effect of dropping of gastric acidity by almost 99%, there is a very risky mistake in the rationality of these remedies.

The Shocking Reality about Gastric Esophageal Acid Reflux

Everyone knows that acidity in the stomach is normal and it caused by the chemical nature of the gastric juice. It’s necessary for consumption, nutrient immersion, immune system and an extensive array of additional simple corporal purposes. Also, it’s a confirmed statement that the gastric juice making drops severely with age, however, the gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) turn out to be more and more common for elderlies.

So if GERD is further frequently related to decreasing of acid creation, how can totally shutting down gastric juice fabrication help patient to recover from this illness? It can’t!

The majority of individuals who undergo the reflux, in fact, have in addition insufficient production of acid. And this is completely disagreeing with what majority folks and doctors are certain of.

Say Good Bye to Heartburn due to Acid reflux and Develop Healthy Body at Viva Healthy Life

There is good news: “You don’t have to be dependent on these unsafe medications. Here at Viva Healthy Life Dr. Tsan and Dr. Selcova developed a simple treatment system, which combines Acupuncture and Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine) and this treatment will terminate gastric esophageal reflux forever”.

Envisage yourself free from Acid Reflux for the Rest of Your Life

Similar to many of our patients, you have a good chance to be free of acid reflux in 7-10 days or even less.

But the most important is that when our patients report improvement of the symptoms of the gastric esophageal reflux, they also realize that the other gastrointestinal issues disappear as well.  Also, a majority of them experience:

  • Deep sleep and a lot of energy at the morning
  • Improvement of immune system functionality
  • Energizing
  • Weight stabilization

These improvements are exactly the opposite to what occurs when they take Nexium, Prilosec and other acid blocking drugs.

During the clinical study period, we’ve treated 100 volunteers and 98 of them reported significant improvement. After 1 year the statistic is as following:

  • 75 patients are free of acid reflux and do not need any medications;
  • 18 patients came back to our office when the symptoms returned back. They received additional treatment and feel great since that time;
  • 5 patients received 2 additional courses of treatment and also feel great;
  • We were unable to help to 2 patients who did not report any improvement.

Please see our real patients’ testimonials below:

Carol Podder, DO

Patient with Acid RefluxMy name is Dr. Podder. I suffered from Acid Reflux for years. Prilosec and Nexium were my daily medications. I understood that these drugs are not safe, but nothing I could do. One year ago Dr. Tsan told me that he and his partner Dr. Selcova developed a new treatment technique for GERD which heals it naturally and forever. He proposed that I become a volunteer in his clinical study. That was probably the happiest day of my life. Two weeks later my heartburns went and 2 months later I forgot I ever had this problem. That was the real cure.

Simon Weinstein

Acid Reflux patient

I suffered from gastroesophageal acid reflux for years. It started after an excessive consumption of alcohol. Every day I’ve been punished by my stomach for any diet violations. Heartburn killed me. I underwent treatment at Viva Healthy Life performed by Dr. Tsan and Dr. Selcova. Everything was gone. It’s sound like a miracle, but it’s true. I’m so happy to be reflux free!



Anna Meyers

Womant suffers from Acid Reflux This is the amazing treatment. I’ve been “sentenced” by my family physician to Nexium to the rest of my life. Luckily I met Dr. Tsan and he told me that they are performing clinical trial for the newest natural treatment protocol. I immediately said: “I am in”, – and that’s how it started. It was in February of 2014 and since that time, I never had any symptoms of acid reflux again.


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