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July 8, 2014

Acupuncture Philadelphia

Acupuncture Philadelphia is the most innovative treatment technique developed in this center by Dr. Tsan. Welcome to Viva Healthy Life – The Center for Holistic Medicine – the most advanced place for Best Acupuncture in Philadelphia! This organization has been in the city for more than 5 years. Viva healthy life is the center of alternative medicine in Philadelphia, located at the heart of the Northeast region. We are among the top 5  centers, which are currently performing best Acupuncture in Philadelphia.

Acupuncture in Philadelphia

Acupuncture Philadelphia at Viva Healthy Life

Acupuncture Philadelphia – Popularity:

Acupuncture Philadelphia technique by Dr. Tsan is very popular and we are proud to be ranked in the top of 5 Acupuncture practitioners in the Philadelphia area. Here the in Philadelphia and across the entire United States acupuncture is becoming more popular. Over the last few decades, acupuncture has been expanding at an astonishing rate. 20 years ago the thought of going to see an acupuncturist would be deemed irrational and foolish. Today, however, Acupuncture Philadelphia has helped millions of people across the country alleviate many conditions and to develop healthier lifestyles as a result.

Today there are thousands of offices all over the country. In fact, some states have started to cover acupuncture treatments through insurance policies. States like New York and California have started to hire acupuncturists to work in hospitals. These factors all contribute to acupuncture’s growing popularity. Here in Philadelphia acupuncture is spreading and growing tremendously. The practice of Oriental medicine has become a very common alternative to western medicine. Today, you can alleviate the symptoms of many diseases without pills or drugs that have tons of side effects on the back label. Through acupuncture and oriental medicine, you can begin to live a healthy lifestyle once more.

I am proud to declare Viva Healthy Life one of the leaders in acupuncture and holistic medicine in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. The practitioners working at Viva Healthy life are experienced professionals who have helped hundreds of patients overcome serious illnesses, including stroke, arthritis and much more. Their hard work and dedication to their craft are crucial to establishing a terrific reputation for the growing practices of best acupuncture in Philadelphia.

Acupuncture Philadelphia

In 2014 PHL 17 ranked Viva Healthy Life #1 Medical Spa and Top Five Acupuncture Facility in Philadelphia.

According to Fox29 Viva Healthy Life is THE BEST ACUPUNCTURE CENTER in Philadelphia for two years in a row.

Dr. Tsan founder of Viva Healthy Life is practicing acupuncture for almost 40 years. It all started when I graduated medical school in 1976 and worked as OB-GYN physician in one of the fertility clinics in the former Soviet Union. “I remember that woman who was 29 years old. I told her that she will never have a baby because the medical condition of her reproduction system is not compatible with pregnancy”, Doctor Tsan recalling. Yes, it was that time when nobody even knew about IVF neither in Russia nor in the US and this young lady didn’t have a single chance based on modern western medicine rules. Seven months later Dr. Tsan met that woman on a street and she was about 24-26 weeks pregnant. What a surprise!!! She explained that she received the acupuncture treatment from the Chinese doctor who fixed her reproduction organs and she can’t wait another 15 weeks to finally become a happy mom.

Next day Dr. Tsan met this Chinese acupuncturist and became his apprentice. Two years later Dr. Tsan started his own acupuncture practice and completely switched from Modern Western to Alternative Medicine. Every year he took new and new classes and at some point became a specialist in Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Clinical Hypnosis. He also got qualification of Reiki Master from the most prestigious school in the world at the India Crystal Reiki Academy.

In 2007 – 2008 Dr. Tsan went to China and took a 2 years program that covers not only classic acupuncture but also the methodology and techniques of adaptation of this method to different geographical and cultural regions in the world.

After he returned back from China the first thing he did was an adaptation of acupuncture method specifically to Philadelphia’s longitude and latitude, climate, and influence of universe. As a result, he created a modification of classic acupuncture that fits residents of South Eastern Pennsylvania and specifically Philadelphia. Dr. Tsan called this adaptation technique Acupuncture Philadelphia. Now he has a lot of patients who are coming for Best Acupuncture Philadelphia treatment from New-York, Florida, Chicago, Boston and other geographical zones.

Acupuncture Philadelphia Helps People To Stay Healthy

Viva Healthy Life, the Center for Holistic Medicine successfully cured thousands of patients suffering from different pain syndromes, allergic conditions, fertility disorders, GI problems, depressions and anxiety reactions, high blood pressure, alopecia, and much more. The practitioners that work in this office have dedicated their lives to helping many people shed the shackles of disease and begin to live freely again. Dr. Olga Selcova LAc is a talented acupuncturist that has been treating patients for over 17 years. She has helped many patients overcome serious illnesses and to avoid some surgical procedures. Many of her patients testify that since they began the acupuncture treatments, they felt rejuvenated by them. The patients began to live healthier more enjoyable lifestyles. The treatments gave these people more energy and the willingness to live once more. Dr. Selcova is also a working practitioner of cosmetic acupuncture. These treatments in combination with gua sha allow the body to rejuvenate the skin much faster than normal. The treatments help the patients’ skin look young and beautiful again. Dr. Victor Tsan is a professional clinical hypnotist and Reiki Master with over 35 years of experience. He has treated countless patients with a wide range of ailments. He cured many patients from drug and alcohol addictions and helped many loose the extra pounds through clinical hypnosis. These professionals have helped hundreds of people achieve healthier lifestyles and they can help you as well. We have many patients with different forms of cancer who are seeking treatments that allow them to feel better during chemotherapy. To read more about our phenomenal best Acupuncture in Philadelphia technique click here.                                                 

In this center, we treat our patients using acupuncture, Reiki, and Tibetan Herbology. We also use those advanced holistic medical procedures like Hypnosis and Psychoanalysis. This combination of multiple medical techniques allows us to see and cure our patients following the main philosophy of medicine: “Treat the patient, not the disease”. At Viva Healthy Life we treat our patients based on the symptoms that they are experiencing as well as alternative diagnostic techniques such as iris diagnosis. These alternative diagnostic techniques give us the ability to determine the problem before the patient feels any symptoms. At that moment, we can target the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. This method allows the body to start the healing process much faster and to prevent further development of the illness. Since 2011 Viva Healthy Life is posted on the main page of the Philadelphia Magazine and many reviews were posted by our patients. If you are looking for the best practitioners of Acupuncture Philadelphia – look no further and visit our offices today.

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