June 30, 2017



Lower back pain is common nowadays as it affects lots of people around the world and not just America. It now affects young adults in their productive years, between ages 17 to 45. This has affected the flexibility, stability, and agility of many causing them pain thereby interrupting their day to day life. This ultimately hinders productivity and makes life so uncomfortable. To find a lasting remedy, to lower back pain, there is there need to accurately diagnose the cause of pain so as to administer their right treatment. There are different forms of lower back pain with varying symptoms.

Lower back pain


The following are symptoms of lower back pain

–    Pain sprawling into the buttocks and legs

–    Stiffness of the lower back region

–    Weakness of the legs while walking

–    Sitting discomfort

–    Continuous pain in the back


–    Occupational hazard as a result of sudden lifting, bending and twisting of the back

–    Infection which can be rheumatic, arthritic condition of ovarian cysts

–    Bladder or kidney infection

–    Pain as a result of inflammation of joints caused by rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

–    Bulging of vertebral discs

–    Compression fractures of the bones in older women with osteoporosis

–    Poor posture and little or no body exercise

–    Obesity can significantly weigh on the back causing the backbone to do more than it should eventually lead to lower back pain.


There are different conventional treatments which are administered through the use of medications, but we will be considering two physical therapies namely acupuncture and homeotherapy for the effective treatment of lower back pain as they have been instrumental in the treatment.


The use of acupuncture in treating lower back pain has shown great success in many cases treated with it. This procedure is performed with needles and sometimes with moxibustion (combination of herbs burned over acupuncture points).  The treatment to be given will depend on the severity of the condition. Through the information gathered from the patient by the acupuncturist, the right treatment will be administered.

For chronic lower back pain, the condition of the patient’s tongue and blood pressure will be used to make a diagnosis, and these will determine the needle placement. The treatment expels pathogens by improving the circulation of blood and Qi also compensate for any deficiency.

Even though may not provide a total cure for the cause of pain, it can significantly reduce dependence on medication and improve daily activities of the patients especially the body movement. These are achieved by the combination of opioids pain medication that releases natural opioids, to relieve pain experienced by patients and improve sleep. The caution is not to be addicted to this drug.

Acupuncture also helps in the release of endorphins thereby improving the immune system.

Unlike the temporary relief, medication gives which wears off with time making pain return, acupuncture treatment offer relief that other treatment cannot provide. It is also worthy of that that one visit to the receive acupuncture treatment won’t get a permanent relief. There is a need to work out a productive plan that works best for both parties so as to achieve a lasting result of treatment


Homeopathic medicines are used either as a single remedy or a combination of more remedies.  Most remedies are ingested as pills while others are in the form of gels, ointments or sprays which are applied externally on the body. They particular symptom will determine the type of remedy to be prescribed for each patient.

  • Hypericum is prescribed for shooting pain which can be taken internally or externally.
  • Ruta Graveolens is applied for deep pain that is relieved by lying on the back.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron is for pain and stiffness of part of the back.
  • Ruta Graveolens or Chamomile can be used for treating a young person with pains that aggravate at night
  • Ignatia is used to treat restlessness as a result of pain. This remedy will relieve the pain.
  • Colocynth can be used for an older patient. If such have difficulty in standing, Arsenicum can be added.

For other chronic cases, remedies such as Plumbum, Sulphur, Lycopodium, or Phosphorus can be of help in the treatment.

At the Viva Healthy Life holistic center alternative treatment of lower back pain save many patients from spinal surgery. Doctor Tsan and associates use homeopathic remedies for improving blood circulation around the affected spinal nerves. Well-known pain control effect of acupuncture brings patients back to normal life after 10-12 treatment sessions. To schedule an appointment for initial consultation and treatment, call our center (267) 403-3085 or use our on-line scheduling system.

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