January 9, 2016

Guna Therapy


Guna is a leader in European homeopathic pharmaceutical industry. Our Company was established over 25 years ago by my wife and myself, at Alessandro Pizzoccaro Persident of Gunathat time young and eager to develop new projects and ideas in a field that we both found extremely interesting and challenging: Homeopathy. Adriana at that time was a scientific researcher in the most important Italian pharmaceutical company and I had an import-export business. We decided to join not only our professional competencies but also our lives: we got married and since that time we gave birth to 5 daughters as well as to… GUNA, which now is the most important Italian Company in the field of Natural Medicine.

We began as importer and distributor of qualified European naturopathic producers. In 1989, we opened up our very own manufacturing laboratory to ensure that we’re able to Adriana Pizzoccaro Vice-President of Gunamake our innovative ideas within the area of Biological Medicine real. Our obligations and understandings today exceed Homeopathy and, therefore, are strongly attached to the innovative or more-to-date researchers in Medicine.

Creating pharmaceutical items, first natural, second without unwanted effects, 3rd effective and fourth innovative was, but still is, our mission, that is certainly according to these four support beams. We’re able to set up all of our large and effective selection of items because of the cooperation of permanent Scientific Department comprised of a worldwide number of outstanding MDs and scientists.

Forever we gave importance to scientific research which is the reason why we’re increasingly more cooperating with several Colleges in Italia and abroad. GUNA items are created around the concepts of Physiological Controlling Medicine (PRM), a brand new branch of drugs coded in GUNA and are manufactured based on the innovative technique known as Consecutive Kinetic Activation (SKA), a technique placed in our new laboratory in Milano, probably the most advanced within the pharmaceutical industry.

We’re involved in a rigorous program of education dedicated to MDs and pharmacy technician: we organize over 600 times of professional teaching each year. We’re also applying for new e-learning programs in British.

I think you’ll, too, will make the most of the help, treatments and solutions we’ve coded in several medical fields as Internal Medicine, Allergology, Discomfort therapy, Detoxing, Aesthetic Medicine, etc. in addition to cosmetics and dietary supplements, using the goal of creating people’s lives more healthy and safe.

Now we’re proud to announce our first licensed specialist around the East coast of the United States
Dr. Victor Tsan

Alessandro Pizzoccaro
President – GUNA



     GUNA S.p.a. is an essential Italian pharmaceutical company within the area of low dose medicine it had been founded in 1983 and it is headquarters are situated in Milan, via Palmanova 71. GUNA’s mission consists in marketing and manufacturing innovative complementary treatments. GUNA is really a Sanskrit term meaning “all existence powers of just living creatures”. A parallel could be attracted between your essence of the ancient word and company‘s worldwide status for innovative science and medical advancement. A hallmark of GUNA‘s resolve for scientific innovation is both Research and Development and medical education inside the Academic community in a variety of well-known Colleges, to begin with the Condition College of Milan (Università Degli Studi di Milano). This cornerstone of our vision guarantees that the organization is and will also be around the forefront of integrative medicine – therefore supplying probably the most advanced medical treatment concepts and items currently available.

     In the initial years, GUNA began as a distributor in Italia of naturopathic medicines manufactured by Worldwide famous pharmaceutical companies, like the German HEEL and STAUPHEN-PHARMA. The company has led a great deal in distributing the knowing and also the market of Homeopathy in Italia. In 1989 GUNA was handed the authorization to create medications through the Italian Health Ministry. Since that time, this concern is promoting its production department.

GUNA has two plants in Milan:

     The brand new GUNA Labs possess the surface of about 60.000 sq. feet. and, therefore, are considered one of the most modern pharmaceutical labs on the planet.

  •      GUNA utilizes 225 people, employed in the departments of production, logistic, administration, marketing, and medical-scientific information.
  •      GUNA encourages numerous clinical and research projects carried out based on the innovative scientific standards      and allocates a substantial a part of its budget to analyze and development.The business’s related activities have an intensive program of ongoing medical education for doctors (workshops and e-learning courses) and also the publication of two specialist journals, one out of Italian – ‘LA MEDICINA BIOLOGICA’ – and something in British – ‘PHYSIOLOGICAL Controlling MEDICINE’.
  •      GUNA will also support several Associations operating to supply practicing doctors, vets and pharmacy technician.
  •      GUNA’s items are distributed in over 40 Nations.

     Because of the rise sought after in the USA for innovative and modern health solutions, in 2006 GUNA Corporation. was setup. The United States subsidiary has become situated in Whitehall (PA) to be able to spread this great method and it is innovative low-dose medications and dietary supplements.


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