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Cavitation Liposuction is a non-invasive procedure that removes fat deposits by destroying the fat cells.

Cavitation Liposuction – how it works

Cavitation LiposuctionUltrasound cavitation liposuction might be the brand new beauty treatment that replaces the liposuction without staring at the operating room. The completely new ultrasound technique that “breaks” your body fat, unlike traditional surgical liposuction, is without surgery, without discomfort, and without anesthesia. This new technique is relevant to the body, no matter thickness in the spot to be treated or its density. Furthermore, it allows to find out is because of the initial session, creating a substantial reduction in the perimeter especially the progressive and permanent removal of fatty deposits. People who reduce the amount of body fat but increase in fluid retention should drain more. Cavitation is certainly an ultrasound treatment and works together with such waves using a handheld that touches the localized body fat, the primary one available beneath the epidermis and is not removed by diet, probably the most difficult to eliminate. With this particular, we’re saying the cavitation liposuction can be a cosmetic liposuction without entering the operating room. Listed below are the main options that include ultrasound cavitation:

  • Following a session of cavitation liposuction fluids are drained having a lymphatic drainage with electrodes to facilitate their elimination with the urine.
  • The cavitation liposuction treatment methods are totally painlessit doesn’t touch or approaches any vital organ (it simply permeates 5 mmand enables immediate resultsyou are able to lose inches in the first session and you can continue draining in your own hometherefore the answers are excellent and visual.
  • Ultrasound cavitation liposuction doesn’t have great aesthetic advisable limitationsonly the existence of internal prosthesis because the vibration of ultrasounds could move them.
  • A number of dimensions are created to the individual at the start and also the finish from the sessionto watch the progress from the treatmentYou are able to reduce as much as 12 centimeters per area in six to twelve periods of cavitation liposuction.
  • A vibrant weight loss program is required for optimal outcomes of ultrasound cavitation liposuctionAlso, you shouldn’t exceed an every week session.


So, how Cavitation Liposuction works and why this method could be your choice of fat reduction:

Several photo results which were accomplished by our professionals using cavitation liposuction device. For discretion reasons we’r, not showing namesOnly initials are permitted.

DL 42 y.o. / Patient treated for cellulitis reduction on buttocks with ultrasound cavitation.

Cavitation Liposuction Result

TC 55 y.o. / Patient given hypnosis and acupuncture to lose weightthen went through cavitation liposuction for body sculpturing. Lost 84 pounds in several months.

Hypnosis and Cavitation Liposuction


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At Viva Healthy Life  Victor Tsan, MD – Clinical Hypnotist uses hypnotherapy for weight loss. Using the power of his mind Dr. Tsan makes his patients feel full after consuming a small amount of food. This patients can limit their daily amount of food and they are loosing way naturally. After the successful completion of the weight loss program patients can underwent cavitation liposuction to remove extra fat deposits in the areas that are holding fat.