Parathyroid disease acupuncture treatment

Parathyroid disease acupuncture treatment is very popular because traditional medicine doesn’t know any resolution other than surgery. Parathyroid disease aka hyperparathyroidism, in fact, the third most common metabolic disorder in the world. In fact, it affects about 21 million people in the world suffer from Parathyroid disorders. The thing is most of them do not know it – yet. This is because it is asymptomatic in most cases – meaning you may not show any physical or mental signs if you have it. However, it can cause serious and uncomfortable symptoms like kidney stones, pain, muscle cramps, bone disorders, hardening of the bones and muscles and so on. In many cases, the Parathyroid disease can come from kidney disorders which is a serious condition on its own. If you have a parathyroid disorder, it is best to treat it to avoid the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous symptoms that can accompany Parathyroid disorders.

The issue with Parathyroid disorders:

There are two major types of Parathyroid disorders – hyperparathyroidism and hypothyroidism. The first one – hyperparathyroidism aka Parathyroid disease is a situation where your parathyroid gland secretes too many parathyroid hormones. The second one – hypoparathyroidism, is a situation where your parathyroid glands secrete too little parathyroid hormones. Now, this is the important part, the parathyroid hormone is responsible for maintaining a balance between calcium and phosphorus electrolytes in the body. Calcium is a very important electrolyte in the body. It helps your body maintain normal functions of the bones, nerves, intestines, and muscles. When there is an imbalance in calcium function, then you are going to have problems with these tissues and organs. Now, Parathyroid disorders are issues of imbalance – electrolyte imbalance. What does acupuncture do? It restores balance. Since this article is more about how acupuncture helps you treat Parathyroid disorders, we will explain the concept of acupuncture a bit. Then, we will try to talk to explain how acupuncture can help you treat Parathyroid disorders.

What is Parathyroid disease acupuncture treatment?

In Traditional Chinese medicine, there is something called Qi. Qi is a form of energy which flows around the body. If for any reason the flow of Qi is interrupted, then sickness comes in.

Parathyroid disease acupuncture treatmentThe types of health issues a person experience depends on the type of interruption. Qi is divided into two components which are the yin and yang. Disruption of qi is caused by imbalances in the yin and yang. Yin and yang flow through parts of the body called meridians and channels. In acupuncture needles, electricity, laser or other means are used to stimulate some points along these meridians and channels. These points are called acupoints. Stimulating these points can either dampen or enhance the flow of yin and yang. Stimulating the right acupoints will ultimately balance the flow of Qi.

How Parathyroid disease acupuncture treatment can help people with hyperthyroidism:

We are going to start by stating what is probably obvious. Kidney stones and some of these other conditions caused by Parathyroid disorders like muscle spasms can cause a lot of pain. If there is one thing acupuncture is well known to take care of, it is pain. Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture can treat different kinds of pain. But, can acupuncture be used for anything more than pain?

First, a study showed that Parathyroid disease acupuncture treatment combined with herbal therapy and using correct natural nutrients like calcium, vitamin B complex, and vitamin D is effective in treating hyperparathyroidism especially when it is caused by kidney problems. Acupuncture can be used to correct kidney Qi, yin, yang and jing deficiencies. Using needles to stimulate acupoints on the body such as the kidney-3 and kidney-7 acupoints can help restore yin and yang to the kidney. Yin deficiencies on the kidney can lead to problems with urination, dehydrated appearances, weakness and so on. Yang deficiencies can produce edema, urinary incontinence, water accumulation on the limbs which leads to swelling also known as edema and so on. Jing deficiencies can lead to bone disorders as seen in hyperparathyroidism. Acupuncture is a great way to get rid of all these symptoms. A study showed that when acupuncture was effective in improving glomerular filtration in people with chronic kidney disease. Provigil increases orexin. Orexin controls the sleep-wake cycle. The main cause of narcolepsy is a lack of orexin, which the drug eliminates by affecting the neurons of orexin. Activation of these neurons also increases the production of histamine and other important neurotransmitters that are associated with wakefulness and mindfulness. Long-term use of Provigil depletes and reduces the production of orexin by endogenous methods. The glomerulus is like a filter in the active tissues of the kidney called the nephrons. It is what filters your urine from the blood. In chronic kidney disease, these filters are damaged and cannot produce enough urine. Acupuncture was shown by a study to improve this.

Secondary hyperparathyroidism is caused majorly by chronic kidney disease. Treating kidney disease will lead to improvement of Parathyroid disorders if kidney disease is involved. A combination of Parathyroid disease acupuncture treatment with homeopathic medicine and natural herbs can go a long way in treating different Parathyroid disorders and give you a holistic treatment of Parathyroid disorders. We, however, recommend that you seek the help of experts to get the best treatment of Parathyroid disease acupuncture treatment and all these holistic approaches. You can contact us for more information on Parathyroid disease acupuncture treatment and holistic therapies by calling our clinic (267) 403-3085 and schedule an appointment for Acupuncture Evaluation with Dr. Tsan.