What is Hypnotherapy?

Inside the academical knowledge, there are no disputes as to whether hypnotherapy exists or works.  Science basically cannot come to an understanding on what hypnotherapy is and what is the mechanism of this unique and mystery technique. All About HypnotherapyThe British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnotherapy explain: “During the treatment session, this technique forces the individual to experience a feeling of profound relaxation. As a result, of this deep relaxation, the conscious become limited and concentrated only on applicable recommendations and instructions proposed by the hypnotist.”

These instructions support individuals to perform helpful modifications in their mind. The time when hypnotic treatment was associated with waving watches or pendulum in front of patient’s eyes has gone.  During modern hypnotherapy procedure, individuals that being hypnotized are constantly in control and hypnotist makes some positive suggestions that the patient is happy to accept. A hypnotherapist simply assists the patients in facilitating their experience. Hypnotherapy is not about changing the patients’ min. Contrary it’s about empowerment the patient to make changes in his subconscious.

All About Hypnotherapy:

Opposing to common faith, hypnotherapy is not a form of sleep.  The first phase of the hypnotic session assumes placing the patient into a trance-like state; however the individual in this condition becomes, even more, aware and concentrated, but the beauty of this technique is that a patient is getting aware and concentrated to the voice of the hypnotherapist and may not even hear or see everything else that is happening around.  Hypnotic therapy blocks the patient’s conscious and at the same time it opens and activates the subconscious minds.

During the session of hypnotic therapy, a practitioner can suggest instructions, perceptions and lifestyle variations to the individual.

The method of performing treatment by placing the patient into the hypnotic trance condition is identified as Clinical Hypnosis or hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy purposes are to alternate patterns of performance inside the brain centers, which enable unreasonable uncertainties, anxieties, and negative judgments. When a patient is relaxed and placed into the trance-like condition, the slower and superficial breathing are and the heart rate descents are normal. Even metabolic processes’ level is dropping. Comparable deviations along the nerves make the feeling of discomfort become less severe.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy is understood as changing individual’s phase of mindfulness. As a result, of this change, the analytical half of the brain (in 99% left half) is switching off. At the same time, the emotional half of the brain getting the highest level of activity. This result in switching from conscious to the unconscious set of mind and hypnotherapist’s instructions can go directly to the subconscious archives of the brain. When these instructions settle in the archives individual use them as a part of his own mind. Because the subconscious segment of the thoughts located deeper in the brain tissues the newly accepted instructions become more natural for the individual than his conscious principles.

What form might the treatment take?

There are many different forms of hypnotherapy that can be used, but before us discussing these forms any misunderstanding of the patient about this method should be dispelled.

  • Hypnotherapy does not assume patient to be in a sleep state.
  • Hypnotherapist unable to force a patient to do anything against patient’s will.
  • A patient continues to be totally cognizant of surroundings.
  • While in trance patient is losing attention to surroundings and become very focused to the hypnotist’s voice.

The main and most important thing is that the individual who came to hypnotherapy clinic is willing to be hypnotized and to alternate some developmental habits or obsessions. As a result, this individual becomes extremely inspired to do so.  The person desires the hypnotherapy to help and in order to get the expected result, the patient establishes a decent clinical understanding with the hypnotist……

The willingness of an individual to be hypnotized can be very different depending on the patient emotional state as well as patient genetic type. This is one of the many reasons why hypnotherapy may require a number of meetings in order to attain significant effects.

Another reason for multiple sessions is that the goal of hypnotherapy is to create in patient’s brain a synapse based on hypnotist’s instructions. According to well-known scientific findings (Pavlov), an establishment of synapse takes normally 21 days and other 7-15 days recommended for the synapses to get stabilized. Because the average frequency of hypnotherapy sessions is “once a week” – the full treatment usually takes 6 – 7 procedures.

What medical conditions can be healed by hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is helpful, beneficial and functional for numerous of mental, emotional and somatic conditions.  This method helps to get rid of pain after surgical and dental procedures. Also, hypnotherapy is beneficial in OBGYN when it used to short the delivery phase of labor and decreases the demand for analgesics.

The medical conditions listed below represent just a small number of disorders for which hypnotherapy proved to be a choice of therapy.

  • Comfort those who are suffering due to disability.
  • Emotionally helps people that are facing terminal illness.
  • Addictions:

o   Alcohol

o   Nicotine

o   Drugs

o   Sugar

o   Bulimia

  • Nocturnal Enuresis in children (bedwetting)
  • Vaginismus
  • Stammering
  • Phobias
  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessional-compulsive behavior
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Excessive sweating
  • Weight loss

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