Stomach Mind Band

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Become More and More Popular today

Dr. Oz recommends Hypnosis for weight loss. Check the fragment from Dr. Oz show aired on 1/15/2013.

 Stomach Mind Band – Hypnotic Weight Loss Procedure.

Over the period of last ten years or so, the gastric band (which is also called a lap band) has emerged to be one of the most famous surgical procedures for people who want to lose weight. During this procedure, a band is fitted across the stomach and inflated in order to reduce the capacity of the stomach. As a result of this, a person under treatment eats less which allows him to lose weight which is lasting as well as quick. Although, gastric band surgery involves a certain amount of risks. Every time there is a certain risk with any surgery that something might not go right, but there exist certain issues which the lap band may particularly cause. This consists of a slipped band (which could result in the capacity of stomach either reducing very much or not enough), sickness, regurgitation, acid reflux, blockages, nausea and other issues.

Although, the results are very impressive without any doubt there exist some dangers that are not visible. But how great would it have been if there could have been a path to repeat the success of gastric band eliminating any of the risks?

The good news is there is one such way. In the recent time, hypnotists got a massive success while they were duplicating the procedure of lap band only using hypnotic suggestions.

This procedure called stomach mind band and it was invented by the internationally known hypnotist and Reiki Master –Dr. Victor Tsan – Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine – Viva Healthy Life

Based on the results our center had been voted “#1 Weight Loss” in Philadelphia area.

Stomach Mind Band

No anesthetics, scars or scalpels – only the sole power of the brain. As a result, of it’s effective as well as safe nature gastric band hypnotherapy has emerged as the latest news in weight loss. A very simple search in Google will reveal you hundreds of patients who are fully satisfied after undergoing stomach mind band hypnosis and reduced plenty of their weight. So the question is how does the therapy work?

To know exactly how stomach mind band hypnosis works we should, first of all, have a look at hypnosis and its effects on our mind. While there are plenty of areas of mind which are still not complete, a perfect theory is that our mind consists of two main components – the subconscious and the conscious.

The theory which will be familiar to most of you would be that of the conscious mind as that is the area from where your daily thought patterns come from. As soon as you think to yourself I am thirsty, it’s time for me to get a drink” or something alike that is where the time when your subconscious mind is working. In the case of your subconscious mind, it is deeper and also powerful in a way.

It manages all of your instinctive moments that you never thought about, your desires, your phobias and also your habits. Hypnosis works on your subconscious brain. It gives you the ability to set your subconscious to accept thoughts.

Now as you have got a good idea of the manner in which hypnosis works, it will be much easier for you to understand stomach mind band. A hypnotist induces their patient into the hypnotic state and after that, he communicates with the person as if it’s really happening.

Stomach Mind Band Non-Invasive Procedure

Stomach Mind Band is not the same as Gastric Mind Band by Martin Shirran. Stomach mind band is not just a hypnotic procedure, but it’s a medical procedure. The technique was developed by the Medical Doctor Victor Tsan who also use clinical hypnosis in his everyday medical practice. The Stomach mind band is not limited to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), but it also includes the use of Tibetan medicinal herbs as well as some elements of ear acupuncture developed by French acupuncturist Paul Nogier who officially published his scientific researchers in earlier 50th. There are some specific acupuncture points located on an ear that can control appetite, increase metabolism, and improve digestion issues. Victor Tsan MD believes that hypnotic treatment is very effective for obese patients, however, it’s not enough in many cases and patients may need some kind of additional treatment that will help them to overcome hunger feeling. Also, since hypnotic procedure works only to control the amount of food additional therapy is necessary for those who also suffer from the low metabolism. This is exactly the point when Ear Acupuncture and Herbology become most important parts of the whole strategy included in Stomach Mind Band.    

The known statistic shows the effectiveness of the Gastric Mind Band by Shirrans approximately 70%. The Stomach Mind Band, however, shows up to 85% and, what is more, important many patients who underwent Stomach Mind Band were completely in control after 4 sessions compared to 6-7 and sometimes even more that required by Gastric Mind Band.

Stomach Mind Band – The Most Convenient Weight Loss Program

Unlike a consuming arrangement, the Stomach Mind Band “get healthy” plan is truly a pleasant, agreeable experience.

Have you been striving for quite a while for that weight reduction you have dependably needed? Do you battle with your nourishment cravings and weight control?

The Stomach Mind Band using Hypnotherapy is a surgery-free method to make patients feel they have a gastric band fitted and to make him/she feel full almost all the time during the day. Through the force of Mesmerizing, a Psychotherapist Victor Tsan, MD makes patients believe that they have a REAL stomach band, fitted on their stomach. This makes patients consume less food and lose weight without needing to go under a surgeon’s blade. If you have been fighting with your extra weight or just were told by your doctor that you are clinically fat, why not to make a call to Dr. Tsan center of holistic medicine and book an initial evaluation which is always free of charge.

There is no pain or anything physical but it becomes very difficult for patient’s subconscious mind to differentiate between reality and fantasy. This is the reason why a patient may experience certain dreams which may seem like they are real.

As soon as a result of the stomach mind band procedure patient’s subconscious mind is ready to believe that the stomach is fitted with the band it automatically starts acting like if it is really fitted. As a result of these changes, the individual starts to eat smaller meals, feel full with ease and eat slowly.

In addition to being safer as compared to surgery, gastric band hypnosis is more affordable as well – in general ten, times cheaper than surgery. There are also audio packs which are recorded by clinical hypnotists that consist of equal session on MP3 or CD and are much cheaper. This is due to the fact that the hypnotherapist is only required to record the session only one time for multiple patients. The cost of these is well under $100. Listening to CD is not as beneficial as a real hypnotic session, however if you are short on budget you can try it before going to professional hypnotist Dr. Tsan and pay $1000.00

So if you are one of those looking to have gastric band surgery done, then the technique of hypnotherapy Stomach Mind Band may be worth for you to consider.

Our medical center provides the original Stomach Mind Band hypnotic/medical procedure since January 1st, 2012.

Victor Tsan, MD, designer and developer of the stomach mind band procedure had trained in the most prestigious Hypnotic schools of Europe and USA. He performs stomach mind band hypnotic sessions for weight loss at Viva Healthy Life – The Center for Holistic Medicine.

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