HYPNOSIS FOR SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION is one of the most effective methods of treatment and thus becomes popular for men and women. Numerous individuals experience different sexual issues at some point in their life. Although some of the sexual difficulties resolve themselves, some may not, and assistance from experts may be needed. HYPNOSIS FOR SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION is the best treatment for multiple sexual issues that depends on the emotional condition, however, it is essential that you consult your doctor before you seek this remedy.


The sexual difficulties are the general issues that prevent a couple or an individual from taking pleasure in sex and can make sex issues. It is expected that almost 50 percent of women and one in 10 men are affected by a sexual issue according to the NHS. The sexual difficulties can be present in the life of a person, develop after already present satisfying sex life, or it can also develop slowly.

hypnosis for sexual dysfunction

Some of the common sexual issues for man are premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, and performance anxiety. For women, most of the widespread sexual problem is vaginismus. The problems include loss of arousal and loss of desire.

For the identification of the cause of the sexual issue, the psychological, as well as the physical factors, have to be evaluated. The primary step is consulting your professional so that he can rule out any factor that contributes to the problem. When the physical causes are diagnosed, you can go for hypnotherapy. In multiple cases, sexual issues occur due to psychological issues, often triggered by fear, anxiety, or stress. 



It is the continuous loss of desire for sexual activities. It is common for the sexual desire for fluctuating during the life of an individual, although if the issue persists, it is the time to seek help from a professional. It is common in women, but men are also affected by this disease. Aging, relationship issues, anxiety, pregnancy, stress, fatigue, and depression are linked to decreased sexual desire. Hence, it results in a decrease in testosterone or estrogen levels. If deficiency of testosterone is the cause of inhibited sexual desire, it is suggested to have replacement therapy. If it does not work, a suitable specialist can assist in trying and finding out the primary cause.


It is the most common sexual issue for males. It is described by the loss of voluntary control upon ejaculation. Though most of the men will face this once in their life, probably during the first sexual experience, they will learn the control over ejaculation. The issue can be linked with a lack of confidence, sexual repression, depression, and performance anxiety. Psychologist and sex therapists utilize a series of exercises to assist the people in improving ejaculatory control like the start and stop technique.


It is a condition that affects the ability of a woman to engage in any kind of vaginal penetration. It is an involuntary spasm of the muscles in the vagina, making the sexual intercourse troublesome. Vaginismus may be present after any vaginal trauma, like childbirth, through fear of relationship problems or pregnancy. It can be due to other physical condition.


The impotence or erectile dysfunction is a situation regarded as the inability to maintain or develop an erection. It is suggested that half of the people with the age of 40 to 70 will experience it at a specific level. Erectile dysfunction can result in some psychological and physical factors that can be present in particular situations. For instance, an individual can get an erection during masturbation, but not with the sexual partner, and the reason can be psychological. The psychological can involve depression, anxiety, and stress. 


It is a condition that involves the persistent delay or absence of orgasm after stimulation. People may experience this disease because of fear or reduced knowledge of sexual contact, depression, stress, difficulties of a relationship, and being unable to relax.


It includes persistent pain with sexual activities. It occurs during penetration but can also be present in non-penetrative stimulation. Pain is experienced during sex after the menopause when there are decreased estrogen levels. If it is left untreated, dyspareunia can result in the negative cycle of ISD, anorgasmia, and sexual activity.


It is the health disorder in a female that occurs when the cells from the uterus lining grow in other body parts. It can result in infertility, bleeding, and extreme pain. Various traditional and surgical medical choices assist in treating endometriosis, but if it is not considered, hypnosis is used.


After discussing various sexual disorders, let us move towards the hypnotherapy treatment,.

HYPNOSIS FOR SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION can be helpful for the people who experience sexual issues by assisting to alter harmfully or reducing the behaviors and thoughts. After sorting out physical factors, the hypnotherapist will help you in trying and find out what is creating the issue.

There are multiple reasons why you have sexual problems. There can be something you worry about and result in stress. You have something in your mind that impacts your wellbeing. You may be stressed at work, or you are conscious about the health of you or your loved one. Whatever is the cause, you cannot explore it straight away. When you talk to a hypnotherapist, it may assist you in understanding what is making an issue and how to manage it.

Hypnosis can decrease the symptoms and pain linked with sexual dysfunction, and make life enjoyable for the partners. The chronic conditions do not have to be lifelong for bearing the emotional pain. With several hypnotic techniques and mindfulness, the person will be trained for lowering the anxiety. 


Hypnotherapy for the sexual dysfunction focuses on accessing your unconscious and altering the behavior and thought patterns that create the problem. For promoting positive change, self-confidence, and relaxation, hypnotherapy utilizes the power of suggestion. The hypnotherapist will provide you the tips to you to assist you in learning what creates the problem. The HYPNOSIS FOR SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION can aid you in learning how to decrease anxiety and stress and restore a beautiful sexual life without worry. 

The HYPNOSIS FOR SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION can assist through the removal of mental pressure that surrounds the performance anxiety and intercourse. Techniques will aid you in starting to trust your body and pay no attention to the negative voice in the head, replace it with a more controlled and positive state of mind. 

The sessions of HYPNOSIS FOR SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION are dependent on you as a person, as well as taking into account your life experiences and symptoms. If you have ever suffered a negative sexual experience or experienced a distressing event, hypnotherapy can assist you in guiding you through the journey. With specialist techniques, you can learn how to escape your mind out of negative cycle and trauma.

The hypnotherapist may teach you several techniques of self-hypnosis which you can prefer whenever you feel you require, after the sessions.


The licensed and professional hypnotherapist suggested first working with the hypnotherapist in person or through video conferencing to learn several exercises related to self-hypnosis that you can practice easily at home. The self-hypnosis exercises initiate with relaxation, then putting the attention on making and keeping up the erection. Because anxiety is such an essential part, the techniques start with more than 5 minutes of relaxation with closed eyes.

You can close your eyes and relax yourself to the extent that you permit yourself in imagining they are so relaxed and heavy that they will not open. You can go ahead and feel the things that your eyes would not open and tell yourself mentally how heavy you are. After that, you should try to open them and note you cannot. Pass some of your time of focused awareness on making the relaxation deeper with every breath.

When you breathe and relaxed, you can focus your attention to imagine your partner in the sensual element. You think you have a dial and you can increase the flow of blood to the penis. Continue turning up the dial and improving the blood flow.

Visualization assists in maintaining the erection. Close your fist and consider the power of an erection. Your erection is ‘closed’ as long as you have closed fists. The closed fists can link with your spouse as you grip the hands. The hypnotherapy does not focus on having the erection but on the psychological problems that can stop it.  Sometimes, the past experiences that are emotionally damaging can be released with hypnotherapy. It involves the regression towards the knowledge and releasing it as it is a benefit of the session. The brain is not aware of the difference between imagination and reality, so in hypnosis, we can imagine all the stuff differently.

Even if the problem has physical causes, hypnosis is used for training the body to feel more pleasure and less pain. Hypnosis is used from several decades in the medical field for decreasing pain during dental procedures and surgeries. It also has the best way of enjoying intimate relations and increasing pleasure.


It is important to choose the right specialist for your treatment with HYPNOSIS FOR SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION. Many states do not have licensing requirements for hypnotism and some impostors advertise themselves as a specialist in hypnosis just because the had 3 days of education in so-called “schools of hypnosis”. Hypnotherapy in general and HYPNOSIS FOR SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION particular requires an understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and psychology. There are not more than 25-30 hypnotists in the US who can really be helpful and have the gift of hypnotizing. For impostors, each individual is a client, but for real hypnotherapist with a medical background, each person is a patient. Be aware, that doctors don’t treat clients, they treat patients and this is the keystone. Don’t settle to less and get the best specialist, who you allow to work and alter your subconscious mind. Make sure you chose the right one, educated, talented, gifted and of course first of all your hypnotist should be a Medical Doctor and only secondary hypnotherapist.

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