Hirsutism – the symptom or the disease?

Hirsutism (HUR-soot-is-um) is a medical disorder when women suffer from male-pattern hair growth. The main symptom of hirsutism is disproportionate volumes of hard, firm man-like hair in the areas of the women’s body, which are normally Hirsutismtypical for men – lower abdomen, face, arms, chest, and hips.

The normal quantity and density of hair on a woman’s body may significantly vary and still fit in a normal range. It may depend on a genetic factors, hair color, place of birth, etc. For example women from the south usually have more hair than from north, also, the brunette is usually hairier than blonds. However when the growth registered in the areas that are specific for men medical attention is necessary.

Hirsutism usually starts as a result of the extra manufacturing of the men’s hormones known as androgens, and first and foremost testosterone.

As a result, of an extremely elevated concentration of the androgen, some additional symptoms may advance. Another man like properties is very common to appear along with hirsutism and this disorder known as virilization. Most common symptoms of virilization are:

  • Voice is changing to a deeper side;
  • Boldness of head;
  • Acne;
  • Breasts shrink;
  • Expansion of the clitoris.

There are few medical conditions that are resulting in hirsutism. During sexual maturity period, a girl’s ovaries start to manufacture a mixture of women’s and men’s hormones. The good example that is proving this statement is the fact that at age 12-14 the hair begins to grow in the armpits and pubic area on girl’s body. This is absolutely normal and later in the development, all women have it. However, the difference between women’s and men’s patterns is that on man’s body pubic hair grows all the way up to the navel and most of the time up to the chest. The women’s hair pattern, however, is limited to public and under arms areas. The unbalanced mixture of sex hormones with an excess of androgens causes hirsutism. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and idiopathic hirsutism are most common medical conditions that cause hirsutism. The good news is that hirsutism usually comes first and it’s a good sign to take care of the problem before any additional changes develop.

The following medical conditions most often result in hirsutism:

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome. This disease caused by a disproportion of estrogens and androgens that prevent follicles braking and each follicle stays in the form of cyst on the surface of an ovary instead of producing an egg(s). Hirsutism is a very common symptom of this disorder.
  • Cushing’s syndrome – The endocrine disorder that takes place when a concentration of the cortisol created by the organism is high. This condition is usually a result of either increased cortisol production by the adrenal glands or consumption of corticosteroids for a long while. The access of cortisol causes hirsutism.
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia – The genetic medical disorder that causes extra fabrication of steroid hormones by adrenal glands. Access to steroids secondary stimulates the extra production of androgens and then results in hirsutism.
  • Growths. It’s not common, but in some cases, androgen-producing growths in ovaries may result in hirsutism.
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs. Some prescription medicines can stimulate hirsutism. For example, Danazol, the drug that used for a treatment of endometriosis has known side effect hirsutism.
  • Many times hirsutism happens with no recognizable foundation. Especially we see it in particular populations of women – Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent.

Homeopathic for Hirsutism

Homeopathic medicine cures the individual as a whole organism. Another word homeopathy concentrates on the person as a human body, as well as on his illness. As a result, of complete personalizing evaluation and case study (health history, somatic and psychological structure, etc.) homeopathic practitioner chose the most appropriate homeopathic remedy customized for the particular patient. Two different patients with the same western diagnosis of hirsutism would be treated by a homeopathic doctor with different remedies. Genetic / inherited propensities (bias/vulnerability) are correspondingly frequently taken into consideration for the curing of long-lasting medical disorders.

Acupuncture for Hirsutism

Acupuncture is a harmless and natural method to heal hirsutism and at the same time to reestablish well-being and physiological proportion of the organism in whole.

The clinical studies performed at the University of Maryland Medical Center discovered that acupuncture decreases concentration, solidity, and thickness of hair. Acupuncture furthermore decreases the level and concentration of the androgens and primarily testosterones and as a result of these changes in many cases acupuncture even stops hirsutism.

First historical records about the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs for women’s health documented about 4000 years ago.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) hirsutism healing understood as a balancing of energetic disproportion in the organism. According to this philosophy, hirsutism is the result of the participation of several structures and acupuncture channels at the same time.

Sometimes the liver is the body part that requires stimulation for hirsutism healing and in many other cases, it could be spleen or kidneys.

Because of this specific and complicated pathophysiology of the hirsutism, each individual must be evaluated based on the rules of TCM to dig as deep as possible in the core of the syndrome. Hair growth is only the top part of the iceberg. The biggest problem, however, lays inside of the body and is not visible as much as hirsutism. Only after a personalized physical and psychological examination the appropriate acupuncture protocol can be created for individualized healing. A dosage of 50 mg is extremely rare to cause adverse reactions, while people taking 400 mg of Provigil quite often complain of headaches and insomnia. More information on the website https://www.westshorewomenshealth.com/about-us/modafinil-online/. The customized acupuncture protocol for hirsutism in most cases will regulate the woman’s body in whole and many other problems may be healed concurrently.

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