Konstantin Lakeev

My name is Dr. Konstantin Lakeev.
Konstantin Lakeyev - Hirudotherapy at the Philadelphia Holistic ClinicI am performing hirudotherapy in the City of Brotherly Love for 20 years.
My professional medical career started in 1981 when I graduated from medical school. I have a holistic set of mind and see each patient as one big system in which each part depends on all other parts of the organism.

I have faith in the philosophy that all patients are distinctive and unique and I am the significant and essential team member of their wellness and wellbeing. Thus, my mission is to be a mechanism in Creator’s hands and to apply my acquaintance, professionalism, and understanding for health-giving and healing people.

I graduated from the Academy of leech therapy. I have all-encompassing academic and practical experience in the use of leech therapy, aka hirudotherapy, holistic medicine, and clinical work in hospitals for more than 30 years as a part of my MD career. Not only I perform leech therapy treatments, but also I teach students in the United States who are interested in leech therapy.