Parathyroid disorder natural treatment

Parathyroid disorder natural treatment attracts more and more attention of patients and health care professionals since there are no treatment options available in Western Medicine other than surgery. Parathyroid disorders are the third most common metabolic disorder in the world. It affects roughly about 0.3% of the world’s population. While it remains asymptomatic in most cases – that is, most people who have it do not know they have it, some people can experience horrible symptoms. Some of these symptoms are muscle spasms and tetany, kidney stones, hardening of the muscles and blood vessels due to excess calcium deposits, and a host of cardiovascular, muscle and nerve issues. This is because, in the case of hyperthyroidism where there is excessive secretion of the parathyroid hormone, there is an excess of calcium and in hypothyroidism, the reverse occurs. Calcium is a very important electrolyte in nerve, bone and kidney function. This means that excessive or deficient calcium in the body can really make your system go haywire. We are going to be talking about natural methods of treating or managing parathyroid diseases.

Which type of parathyroid disease is natural treatment most likely to work for?

Parathyroid disorder natural treatment is most likely to work in the context of secondary hyperparathyroidism. There are three major types of hyperthyroidism – primary, secondary and tertiary Parathyroid disorder natural treatmentparathyroid disease or syndrome. The primary hyperparathyroidism is caused by a tumor. If this is the case, you can opt for surgery, or homeopathic medicine to effectively control it. Natural treatments will be added to homeopathy and acupuncture to develop a holistic approach to the condition which we call in this article Parathyroid disorder natural treatment. In the cases of secondary hyperthyroidism, natural treatment fares much better and can help significantly in managing hyperthyroidism. The key to any treatment of hyperparathyroidism or any disease for that matter is to treat it from the root cause – unless of course, you have no idea what the root cause is. Parathyroid disorder natural treatment is also good for hypoparathyroidism which can cause severe muscle spasms and tetany. The idea behind natural treatment is that it is best when combined with other treatments like homeopathy and acupuncture in all cases of parathyroid disorders. We are going to look next at what natural treatments you can use.

Parathyroid disease natural treatment:

If you want to be treated for your parathyroid disease the natural way you have to pay attention to medical professional instructions about your lifestyle which includes your diet and exercise. Parathyroid disorder natural treatment is best for people who are not yet showing any symptoms or people who have secondary hyperparathyroidism or hypothyroidism. In people with primary hyperthyroidism, you will have to combine natural treatment with homeopathy and acupuncture in a holistic treatment to get the best results. Natural treatment may not work alone in this case. We are going to try to give you some ideas about the natural treatment you can use, what they are used on and in what circumstances are they best used. So here are some things you can include in your diet:

Eat your vitamin D wisely: vitamin D is a great help in some forms of hyperparathyroidism but can worsen some others. Vitamin D deficiency is seen in most forms of hyperparathyroidism, but while vitamin D deficiency can cause secondary hyperparathyroidism (even in people with kidney problems); it can also be caused by primary hyperparathyroidism. This is where it gets tricky. Giving excessive Vitamin D to someone with primary hyperparathyroidism will stop the vitamin D deficiency, but can worsen the already high calcium levels. So, vitamin D is a great help in hyperthyroidism. Just watch out for your calcium levels. On the other hand, Vitamin D is perfect for people with hypothyroidism. In fact, this is one of the best scientifically approved treatment for these people as it tends to increase their already low calcium levels and cure their vitamin D deficiency.

Eat your calcium wisely: calcium is found in dairy products like milk and cheese. It is very good for people with hypothyroidism and is also one of the most-widely approved treatment for such people. It helps reduce the muscle spasms and tetany people with hypoparathyroidism usually experience. In people with hyperthyroidism, however, care has to be taken. Calcium should be taken in low-dose (just like they would do in homeopathy) to help with this.

Watch out of phosphorus: the parathyroid hormone controls the levels of calcium and phosphorus. In primary hyperparathyroidism, there is likely to be deficient phosphorus in the body. phosphate supplementation is good in this case. However, in secondary hyperparathyroidism caused by kidney problems, there tends to be a high phosphorus level due to altered kidney function. We advise low levels of phosphorus in the diet (just like you see in homeopathy) to treat this. The problem is, so many proteins have a high level of phosphorus, so, we advise you get some valid advice from your dietician.

Eat good amounts of magnesium: magnesium can help relieve muscle spasms in hypothyroidism and is also very good for the nerves. It is also a good mineral in hyperparathyroidism. So, eat diets rich in magnesium.

Take healthy amounts of vitamin B and ginger: some vitamin Bs help you use energy more effectively and can boost nerve function and improve stress which is very good in combating stress and fatigue from hyperparathyroidism and muscle spasms from hypothyroidism. Vitamin B6 and ginger help you control nausea and vomiting that you may experience due to parathyroid disease.

In addition to these, herbs like a chaste tree can help people with weak bones due to hyperparathyroidism or menopause. Ashwagandha and Rhodiola are also very helpful with mood swings. If you are taking lithium for mood swings, we advise you to see your doctor to change the medication as lithium can cause or worsen parathyroid disorders.

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