Natural treatments for anxiety - Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Homeopathy

Natural treatments for anxiety becomes more and more popular nowadays. If you suffer from signs of anxiety, or some situation or an upcoming affair makes you nervous, then you should try some natural treatment for anxiety. Aside from many allopathic medicines; hypnosis, acupuncture and a variety of homeopathic medicines are available for natural treatment of anxiety. If you frequently suffer any signs and symptoms of anxiety-like sweaty palms, shivery body, an increase in your heart rate and breathing rate, panic attacks, feeling tired, sleeping difficulty or you feel persistently tensed or worried, remember to consider your symptoms seriously! Ignoring these signs can lead you to depression or other severe disorders.

What is Anxiety and why people choose natural treatments for anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal body response to situations of fright, terror or horror, and it may help you overcome such situations well. But if you are suffering from persistent symptoms of anxiety which you experience again and again without any significant event of dismay or worry, pay attention! It may be a mental disorder rather than the usual reaction of your body. There are many types of anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, social phobia, and agoraphobia. It may substance-induced, familial or even idiopathic

How does Anxiety Affect You?

Anxiety can affect your life significantly. You never feel satisfied and contented. It can change your family life, social life and primarily all affairs of your life. Sometimes it causes your very close and dear friends to get away from you. You can’t give proper attention to your children and your spouse as you are always busy struggling with yourself and usually despite all this struggle, you still can’t manage to improve your personal life either. Furthermore, keeping the relations aside, anxiety can also interfere with your work. You can’t properly concentrate on your job and create cordial relations with your colleagues.

What Causes Anxiety?

There may be some underlying medical condition that’s resulting in anxiety. Means that you are a heart patient, you may suffer from anxiety, or if you know you have asthma, you can still experience anxiety. Other respiratory problems like COPDs or emphysema may also be responsible for it. Hypo or hyperthyroidism, diabetes, alcohol, marijuana, heroin or any other drug abuse or with drawl can cause anxiety.

Many drugs are present in the market that can cure your symptoms, or you can visit your doctor for your help. But here are some natural treatments for anxiety that I suggest you before using any allopathic medicine. These treatments can cure 95% of the sufferers without any side effects or complications:

  • Hypnosis for anxiety – most effective natural treatments for anxiety

Hypnosis is concentrated surveillance, minimized apprehension of the human body to stress that enhances your ability to absorb positive energies, increased imagination and retaliate recommendations.

How does Hypnosis for anxiety Work?

Since centuries, people are discussing and studying the role of hypnosis. Science is not yet able to express wholeheartedly about how hypnosis works. Undoubtedly, the mechanism of hypnosis is still a puzzle, but the concept hypnosis works excellent for anxiety, and related disorders remains a fact. Hypnosis can be thought of like daydreaming; it does not actually sleep because you are vigilant and aware throughout the process. But your mind only focuses on some specific stimulants your hypnotherapist or psychiatrist wants you to focus and eliminates other thoughts and ideas. Or in other words, your brain loses the ability to concentrate on other stimuli for some time.

How can Hypnosis help for Anxiety?

Hypnosis for anxiety can redirect your mind to positivity and peaceful thoughts somewhat like meditation. This state of your account can be helpful to fight anxiety, nervousness or depression. It works best when availed with other treatments. Don’t forget to keep giving yourself positive vibes and maintaining a good mood. You can do this by reading your favorite book or watching your favorite television show, playing the spirt you like, cooking, baking, talking to best friend, going for a walk or anything else that makes you feel good and happy. Keep yourself away from self-pity and just tell yourself that you are great, you can do whatever you want, and you don’t depend on others. Do write motivational essays on your diary and listen to motivational speakers and inspirational stories and don’t forget to take proper sleep. Do exercise daily and have a body massage. It helps you a lot.

So, using hypnotherapy for anxiety, you can overcome your anxiety without any invasive or painful procedures and importantly, it doesn’t have any significant side effects. Whenever, you go for hypnotherapy always make sure your hypnotherapist is certified, licensed and well qualified. You doctor should have a good experience and a very well previous record in this field. Considering this can assure an 85% cure rate for you.

Does Hypnotherapy have any Side effects?

With all these pros, there are some minor complications of hypnosis. Firstly, not everyone would benefit from it. About 10% of people don’t find any betterment in the signs and symptoms of anxiety after taking hypnotherapy. Secondly, it may create false memories. One may experience headache or feel dizzy after right after a hypnotherapy session, but these symptoms usually abide soon. Genuinely speaking, despite these few side effects, hypnosis predominantly benefits you!

  • Acupuncture for anxiety – ancient Chinese natural treatment for anxiety

Acupuncture for anxiety is an exceptional form of natural treatments for anxiety. It is a conventional Chinese method for treatment of pain and psychological problems and disorders. Although it’s not a scientific method, it has been showing surprising results since decades and centuries. In this method, several small thin needles are inserted into your body with such a technique that gives you a sense of relief. The needles are introduced in specific sites where nerves and muscles can be triggered, and these needles are inserted to a particular depth. Mostly, it is used in conjunction with some other treatment.

How does Acupuncture for anxiety Works?

Some researchers say that acupuncture has balanced the vital energy while others believe that has a neural or sensational effect. Chinese medicine elaborates it by telling that a person is healthy when there is an exact balance of the interdependent extremes of his body, which are called as ‘yin’ and ‘yang.’ The imbalance of these energies makes you sick.

How can Acupuncture Help for Anxiety?

Old Chinese medicine gives the concept of energy ‘Qi’ and tells that it flows through the body like blood. The paths which it flows are called’ meridians.’ Stress and other negative factors can interfere with its flow can disrupt the balance of yin and yang. The Acupuncturist inserts needles in a cautious manner, which causes the nervous system to release analgesic chemicals and the body starts to recover itself which triggers the brain to control its emotions especially the negative ones, and this cures anxiety. Acupuncture is a very cost-effective method to heal anxiety.

Does Acupuncture have any Side effects?

Acupuncture for anxiety isn’t equally effective for all. In addition to this, some people don’t find it very comfortable. People with bleeding disorders can take this treatment, but they have to inform acupuncturist about the disorder. It can cause minor bleeding or bruising, which is normal and expected. Furthermore, using dirty needles can cause infection, however, in the majority of countries, acupuncture needles are disposable.

  • Homeopathic Medicine for anxiety – the safest approach of natural treatments for anxiety

We all know that nature is the best cure. The creator has stored different medicines in various plants and herbs. Homeopathic medicines are medications made of natural and herbal sources. It’s an alternative for allopathy. Homeopathic medicines are very dilute and are found quite very effective in treating some medical conditions.

How does Homeopathy for anxiety Works?

Homeopathy for anxiety involves methodical dilutions of the initial ingredient. The amount of dilution is mentioned on the container of medicine. Usually, the toxin and water or sometimes alcohol is mixed up to 1000 times in a ratio of one to ten and shaken well to mix it properly and make a homogenous mixture. Some scientists said that homeopathy has its basis in ‘water memory.’ It is perfect since it can’t cause any side effects. You can take most of the homeopathic medicines orally, and homeopathic remedies are generally easy to take because they usually taste much better than allopathic.

Does Acupuncture Help for Anxiety?

Various homeopathic medicines are best for Anxiety. For example; for panic effects, you can use aconite. Argentum Nitricum is best for phobias. Gelsemium can heal agoraphobia and multiple other symptoms. In case of the anxiety of some loss or sorrow, use Ignatia. Lycopodium can help you if you are under-confident or face confusion. Phosphorous and Silica are also widely used. Other options are Pulsatilla or Strontium.

Does Homeopathy have any Side effects?

Homeopathic therapy usually takes longer to show its effect. In some cases, it may cause symptoms like muscle twitching, pain in the stomach, increased hunger and can cause your hair to get brittle. These symptoms may last for just a few days and are expected and normal. Remember! Not more than 0.02% of patients are experiencing these “side effects.”

Many people have used the natural treatments for anxiety and are now living a very satisfied, pleased and balanced. People who have taken this treatment say that these therapies have helped them a lot to refine their social and family life. Now, they find it easy to develop friendly and harmonious relations with people around and can easily communicate with them. These natural treatments have boosted their self-confidence to a great extent, and they have cured the anxiety and phobias. So, if you are facing the signs like nervousness, confusion, trembling, or any other above mentioned symptoms, you should definitely these natural treatments for anxiety and help yourself to enhance your life quality. Wishing you the best of your health and spirits!

Natural Treatment for anxiety in Philadelphia

Majority of people prefer to stay on a safe side and choose natural treatment for anxiety vs. well-known pharmaceutical drugs that cause many side effects including addiction.

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Majority of people prefer to stay on a safe side and choose natural treatment for anxiety vs. well-known pharmaceutical drugs that cause many side effects including addiction