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Natural Remedies for Gallstones

Natural remedies for gallstones are effective and safe. Gallstones originate from the liver and many times unnoticed, at the point where patients begin to experience acute pain in the gallbladder, these stone would have moved from the liver into the gallbladder as shown by x-rays. In orthodox medicines, surgical removal of these Gallstones is considered to be the best solution to end acute gallbladder attack but in reality, it is not. Natural remedies for gallstonesPatients still suffer from bursitis, digestive difficulties, and other pains. Bile-coated stones are found in other parts even after patients undergo a surgical operation. These realities make the orthodox medicine approach to treating Gallstones limited in its effectiveness.

Cause of Gallstones

Gallstones are an offshoot of gallbladder problems that can be traced to poor diets and a couple of unhealthy lifestyles. For example, excessive fat devoid of vegetables in a person’s diet can be held responsible in many cases. Malnutrition, in general, is the prime cause of Gallstones. Other causes in some cases include the use of drugs in achieving extreme weight loss that can be toxic to the body causing Gallstones.

Quick Pain Relief from Acute Gallbladder Pain with Natural remedies for gallstones

In a situation that a person is experiencing sudden pain attacks as a result of Gallstones, the following Natural remedies for gallstones can bring fast relief before administering treatment:

A mixture of 8 ounces of organic apple juice with a ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar can be given to such a person and this will bring relief with 15minutes of taking this drink.

Prevention and Natural Remedies for Gallstones

Prevention of Gallstones in simple words includes these rules: good rest, good exercise and take more vegetables. The combination of these three keeps the body healthy and free from Gallstones. In the case of having to treat Gallstones, there are Natural remedies for gallstones available that restore the body to the proper state of health.

The following Natural remedies for gallstones help in correcting liver dysfunction which is the root of Gallstones. Treating the liver will not only address the problem of gallstone but the general wellness of the body is also attained. This treatment takes care of the cholesterol level in the body being what makes up the Gallstones. Fats such as soy, canola and hydrogenated oil must be drastically reduced in consumption while natural fats must be used also minimally.

Ox bile can be bought as supplements and taken with meals that contain meats or cheese. This intake helps the gallbladder in a great way helping it to heal. Ensure that you don’t take ox bile on empty stomach in case your gallbladder has been removed.

Red yeast rice contains active compounds needed to reduce cholesterol. This is a cost-effective and Natural treatment for gallstones that saves from the dangers of synthetic drugs and its addiction/dependency.

Flaxseed oil capsules also provide Omega-3. Niacin also provides vitamin B-3 which takes care of cholesterol and makes this Natural treatment for gallstones highly demanded by patients.

Exposure to sunlight helps in the conversion of excess cholesterol to vitamin D-2 which is stored under the skin surface and later used by the liver.

As stated earlier, exercise is a great gain to the body in this regard.

Taking turmeric helps the bile to be more soluble – another great Natural treatment for gallstones.

Milk thistle, Licorice and Dandelion roots supplements are also a good tonic to the liver.

Vitamin C helps the cholesterol in the body to be more water-soluble and this will aid easy elimination of excess cholesterol in the body.

To neutralize inflammation, castor oil transdermal packs available in a health food store is recommended. To apply this requires getting a rag soaked in castor oil. Get excess oil squeezed out to avoid dripping oil. Place the rag on the inflamed part and place plastic on the rag. Now place a hot water bottle on the plastic at a temperature the person can tolerate for a period of 30 minutes. Repeat this procedure daily until the inflammation disappears.

Ensure you avoid Soy lecithin and any other soy product as they can be hazardous to the hormonal system especially in women. Soy products contain phytoestrogen that is harmful to the thyroid causing hormonal imbalances that are related to the presence of Gallstones. Another downside of soy is that they are genetically modified these days and not safe.

Natural remedies for gallstones remain the best option of treatment which cures the sickness and not just the symptoms. To book an appointment for Alternative Holistic Evaluation at the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic and to discuss with Dr. Tsan your best treatment options use the button below.

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