Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug Abuse is the result of a patient’s addiction to various components of a drug. But before we discuss the various treatment protocols it is very important to understand what Drug abusean addiction truly is. An addiction to a drug is the repeated intake of a particular substance despite the consequences that are a result of the drug.  An addiction can be psychological or physical. When a person is psychologically addicted to a certain drug he or she is dependent on the various feelings or a false sense of support that the addict experiences while under the influence of the drug. Physical addiction, however, occurs when the body adjusts itself to incorporate the drug into the body’s normal system.  As a result, the body develops a tolerance for the drug. As the body becomes more tolerant for the various substances the dose necessary to achieve the initial effect increases as well. As a result, the patient consumes larger doses of the substance and causes a lot of harm to the body.  The reason why some people find it very difficult to eliminate the use of drugs is that addiction also has withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms of physical addiction include headaches, pain, soreness, and insomnia. The psychological symptoms include crankiness, stress, anxiety and many others. Withdrawal symptoms are also the number one reason that people who wish to quit drug abuse fail to do so.  Depending on the drug the person can become, mentally or physically addicted, or both. It is very important for the patient to quit as soon as possible preventing further damage to the body.

Quitting drug abuse with Alternative Medicine

Many people that are struggling with substance abuse visit alternative medicine practitioners in search of a working approach to quit. A vast majority of these people have visited modern treatment centers in search for a cure and have not found it. The modern treatments have proven themselves ineffective and as a result, the addicts look at alternative medicine as a last resort to help restore a healthy lifestyle. Modern medicine often fails as a treatment for drug abuse in Philadelphia because it is unable to provide the patient with adequate support as his body withdraws from the effects of the drugs that it was so accustomed to in the past.  Whether the addiction is physical or mental, alternative medicine is able to provide the necessary means to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and eliminate the chances of relapse. Alternative medicine has various ways to limit the effects of withdrawal and help the patient quit. Amongst these methods are acupuncture, clinical hypnosis, herbal supplements and many other treatments. To help overcome the psychological dependence on the drugs practitioners often use clinical hypnosis.

Hypnosis for Drug Abuse Treatment

A clinical hypnotherapist would lead the patient into a hypnotic state in which the patients mind is open to receiving instructions. It is crucially important to understand that in order for the treatment to work the patient has to genuinely want to quit. If the addict is brought to the office with the use of outside influence or force he or she will resist the process and the result of the procedure will then be negative. This is because that while in a hypnotic trance the patient accepts only those instructions that he or she chooses to accept. In other words, if the addict does not understand the reason for which he is being hypnotized or the importance of the treatment, then no matter how many times the hypnotherapist entrances the patient and feeds him the suggestion that he should quit and start a new life, the result will always be negative. However, if the patient understands the reason why he or she wants to quit and genuinely desires change then the treatment will have the desired effect.  Hypnosis, in this case, is used to change the addict’s values. If the treatment is successful he or she will no longer prioritize the particular substance to health and as a result, he or she will abandon the substance. Hypnosis does not change the attitude or values that the patient has instead it amplifies the patient’s desire to live a life free of the constraints of a particular drug.

It’s important to realize that hypnosis is not the only treatment for drug abuse. It is, however, one of the most effective when a patient has a strong desire to quit. Hypnotherapy is also very effective in ensuring that the [patient avoids relapse and remains on the right path.

Acupuncture for Drug Abuse Treatment

While hypnotherapy is very effective in helping with the psychological effects of a drug, it can fail if the patient continues the consumption of the substance, or if the substance develops a strong physical dependence in an individual. Fortunately, alternative medicine has a specific way to deal with this particular obstacle. In the mid-1970’s therapists developed a specific protocol to deal with physical substance addictions. The process is called the NADA protocol, which is the abbreviation for Nicotine Alcohol Drug Addiction. The protocol is a series of 4-6 acupuncture treatments that helps completely detoxify the body and help remove the physical withdrawal symptoms. The acupuncturist uses the NADA protocol to increase the blood circulation and metabolism of the substance that can impede the success of the hypnotherapy treatment. These two techniques, in addition to herbal treatments in some cases, ensure that the patient breaks away from the physical and psychological dependencies while preventing the chances of relapse.

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