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Reiki – The Power of the Universal Energy

The five rules of Reiki state: 今日だけは (Kyo DakewaToday only 怒るな (IkarunaDo not anger 心配すな (Shinpai Suna Do not worry 感謝して (Kansha Shite) With thankfulness 業をはげめ (Gyo Wo HagemeWork diligently 人に親切に (Hito Ni Shinsetsu Ni) Be kind to others.


Reiki Healing Philadelphia      This method is a scientific approach to treatment using the natural vital energy flow. In early 1900’s, a Japanese lay Buddhist specialist from the Jodo-Shu or Pure Land sect named Mikao Usui set to uncover Satori or “enlightenment” and Anshin Ritsumei or “absolute inner peace.”

      His search brought him lower many avenues, but each one of these left him unfulfilled. Eventually, he made the decision to take a spiritual mission by meditation and fasting around the sacred mountain of Kurama near Kyoto and only achieve enlightenment or die! In 1922, after long lasting a 3 week period of fasting and intense meditation, Usui experienced a condition of awareness he indicated as “One Great Reiki.”

      Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is really a Japanese expression used by Usui-Sensei (the founding father of Reiki) to explain ‘cosmic energy.’ This cosmic energy continues to be known as a number of names by individuals many nations from ancient to modern occasions. It’s known as “Chi” in China, “Ki” in Japan, in India “Prana”, in Hawaii “Mana”, etc. It’s the essential energy for those creatures to reside happy and healthy lives

      The word “Reiki” isn’t an actual word at all, but rather a combination of two kanji. Kanji can take on different meanings depending upon what other kanji it is combined with. Possible meanings of Rei and Ki are:

霊 “Rei”: 1. A spiritual entity existing within or without our physical body 2. The soul, spirit or a ghost 3. Invisible, wondrous and infinite power, that which possesses an invisible, wondrous and infinite power, or the source of it. 4. Reverence, Sacredness, or Blessing

気 “Ki: 1. Something unseen 2. Atmosphere 3. The energy of the universe

So, the kanji 霊 気  can possibly be defined as the miraculous and sacred energy of the Universe, which infuses and sustains all life.

The spiritual experience Usui-sensei encountered on the mountain unlocked a memory of the true nature of all things. This memory can be said to be an awareness of the “Ocean of Oneness” that permeates every manifestation of cosmic or God consciousness from energy to matter, from atoms to galaxies, to life itself. Along with Usui’s sudden “enlightenment” of the true nature of all things, was the realization that this understanding also awakened his natural ability to heal himself and others.

All living things have important life force energy which is responsible for their procreation and living.

It’s the only art in which healing masters channels such concentrated type of life force energy with the help of their chakras system (hidden vortexes of energy in the human body). This energy starts flowing through crown chakra after which it passes their palm chakra. Lastly, the energy is beamed towards the sufferer in order to heal any type of ailments that he could be suffering from.

What followed was the creation of a system that Usui called “Usui Reiki Ryoho.” This system was designed to lead individuals to attain the enlightened state of consciousness that he himself experienced, as well as reactivating the innate healing ability that everyone possesses. 霊 Rei ~ means something mysterious, miraculous, and sacred. 気 Ki ~ means the atmosphere or something unseen or the energy of the universe.

What is Reiki Ryoho art?

There is a difference between the terms “Reiki” and “Reiki Ryoho.” Reiki = Energy of the Universe Ryo= Healing Ho = Art/Method

Reiki Ryoho is the term that Usui-sensei devised or “coined” to describe the hands-on healing art he created after his enlightenment on the mountain. This method is meant to improve first the mind and then the body (not the body, then the mind); and to guide the practitioner on the personal path to enlightenment, or “Satori.” This is accomplished by ‘re-membering’ our innate connection to the inexhaustible and unlimited energy of the Universe.

Reiki Ryoho is relatively easy to learn and very simple to use. Anyone can be initiated into Reiki Ryoho and become a Reiki practitioner to heal themselves and others. This is done by means of a ritual called “Reiju” or “attunement.” We begin by rediscovering our natural healing ability. We start by healing ourselves first. We can then share this healing ability with others, developing in us a sense of love and compassion.

In western countries, when people use the term “Reiki,” they are usually actually referring to the practice of “Reiki Ryoho” or the hands-on healing practice of Reiki. This term refers to the inexhaustible energy of the universe, which cannot be defined or confined, while “Reiki Ryoho” is the hands-on healing method. This is why Reiki can be said to be a two-fold practice: both a path to self-realization and an energetic healing art.

Gradually, with continued practice, Reiki can guide us to higher levels of mental clarity, physical wholeness, and a harmonious integration of our own being that leads us to experience our true disposition: unconditional joy, inner peace, wisdom and compassion for all life.

“Reiki” = energy of the universe “Reiki Ryoho” = hands-on healing practice.

One of the relaxing and soothing characteristics of Reiki energy is that it’s one of the best stress busters. The majority of people undergoing Reiki treatment fall asleep inside two minutes of healing. The process of healing is divinely conducted. It’s equipped with innate intelligence power in order to heal completely. In simple words, you will not have to provide any special instructions to it, the healing power of Reiki knows exactly how & what to heal.

The healing methods in Reiki are not that difficult & with some amount of dedication, they usually become super easy to master. It does not require any type of pre-qualification in order to learn it. The only requirements to learn this beautiful method of energy healing are an open brain & a deep desire to learn something new.

The process of attunement involves the Reiki guru passing his/her power of healing to his/her student. Post attunement, the student of Reiki becomes eligible to channel energy & also heal themselves and others in an effective way. Normally, the process of attunement includes invoking gods, goddesses as well as angels.

The total process involving energy healing generally takes one hour. The master is able to feel the Reiki energy flow across the body after which he transmits the energy to the individual who wants to heal. The process of energy healing uses secret symbols. It’s also very much possible for the practitioner to send healing remotely towards the individual without the actual presence of the individual. Apart from being very, convenient Reiki, distant healing is also one of the powerful techniques that can be used to heal a person sitting at the comfort of his/her home.

For example, red is known to be the color of root chakra & some think that if we give it Reiki, we might rise up Kundalini energy which lies at the base of your spine when an individual is not ready for it.

Since people may normally get into problems if their body is not prepared energetically, makes you wonder if the theory has any validity.

As a matter of fact, each prohibition in energy healing in a real sense short-circuited with one easy point – The amount of energy flow totally depends on the recipient and not the giver.

Reiki healer should try to consider the recipient as someone who is sucking one ‘energetic straw’. If the recipient sucks gently, very less energy flow will occur whereas if they suck hard, a large amount of energy will naturally flow.

It all depends on the person on the receiving end and the only thing that a Reiki healer could do is to provide one opening for the energy flow to occur.

This simply means that there exist one safety valve which is constructed into the system, this is because a person would only take the amount of energy which is essential for him/her to stay healthy.

How does Komyo Reiki differ from Western Style Reiki?

As Reiki came from The East many branches or schools developed, some with very complicated techniques that have nothing associated with Reiki. Sadly, a lot of what’s trained about Mikao Usui (the founding father of Reiki) as well as the good status for Reiki is not based on particulars. Komyo Reiki features a very short, direct lineage as, inside the spirit in the original goal of Usui Sensei, japan Shihans (teachers) have recently begun talking about with Americans.

Reiki can be a simple technique. So simple that Americans possess a difficult time knowing that something so simple is so effective. Reiki is simply by controlling your brain, getting taken proper care of by finding the area including the minds and enabling the Reiki energy circulation because of you, not within you. By the daily practice of self-energy healing, a meditation on and living the Reiki precepts, just like a Reiki student you are really undertaking a route to enlightenment. When you heal, you are feeling a far more effective, clearer, more pure funnel for your Reiki energy. Furthermore, creativity and intuition increase as the chance to pass through this gift of healing yourself while others become an attractive outgrowth from the inner spiritual practice.

HYAKUTEN INAMOTO, a non-sectarian, Japanese Buddhist monk from Kyoto, Japan, examined all levels of Reiki with Chiyoko Yamaguchi, students of Chujiro Hayashi. After much research to the original teachings of Usui Sensei, Hyakuten developed Komyo Reiki Kai in 1998 and began holding classes. Komyo Reiki Kai follows the teachings of Usui Sensei and focuses on healing not only the body, however, many importantly, the soul or spirit. Usui Sensei thought by utilizing spiritual improvement, the body would naturally considerably able to better healing itself. Hyakuten shares this belief.Komyo = Great light or enlightenment Reiki = Energy of the Universe Kai = Association or group

Komyo Reiki Kai, the philosophy Hyakuten has produced, presents Reiki because it was understood and generally practiced within the 1930’s in Japan. These techniques places focus on spiritual unfoldment through the concept of Reiki Ryoho, striving for “satori” or enlightenment.

Komyo Reiki is really a “keep-it-simple” Reiki system and exercise. The practice motto is: “Put your hands, Surrender, and Smile”

You will find four levels within the Komyo Reiki program:

Shoden (First Level) – Focuses mainly on self, self-healing and also the family. The class is trained over a couple of days and 4 Reijju receive.

Chuden (Second Level) – Focus turns to other people outdoors the household circle. Instruction is offered on Japanese techniques, three from the four signs, and distance healing. The class is trained more than one day and 4 Reijju receive.

Okuden (Third Level) – Focus is on deepening the knowledge of Reiki Ryoho and developing inner growth. One further sign is offered. Training is meant for teacher/shihan candidates. A class is trained over a couple of days and one or two Reiju receive.

Shinpiden (Teacher/Shihan) – For individuals who are curious about teaching Komyo Reiki. Shinpiden candidates should be licensed in most Komyo levels and finish annually-lengthy apprenticeship, re-relaxing in no less than 2 courses of instruction for each Komyo Reiki level.

Wheel-like energy centers in a human body are known as Chakras. There are 7 important chakras in our body. They are swadhistan (sacral plexus), muladhara (root chakra), Sahasrara (crown chakra),  manipuraha( solar plexus), anahata (heart chakra), vishudhi (throat chakra), and ajna (third eye chakra). The proper working of these chakras is essential for a healthy human body. It’s very easy to restore your health, well-being of all chakras and your respective body parts which are associated with each chakra with the power of Reiki.

Energy Healing by Master Usui is primarily used for goal manifestation and positive thinking. You will be able to eliminate all the negative thoughts present in your mind and develop positive thoughts with the power of energy healing. Various healing methods in this Japanese treatment help to manifest one’s desire and goals.

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