Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia is an effective treatment that helps millions of people in the world. The acupuncture treatment for FMS (fibromyalgia) and CFS or ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) are more common nowadays, either as a complementary treatment or individual therapy.

The Chinese acupuncture also had the name of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) thousands of years ago, but it gained attention in the 1970s by the American public. The National Institute of Health found acupuncture as an essential section of mainstream medicine, stating that the process is effective and safe while treating a diversity of disorders involving Fibromyalgia in 1977.

A few people have some doubts in their minds related to Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia as they do not think it is real or they do not have a complete understanding of the whole process while other individuals are anxious that it will harm them too much.


Fibromyalgia affects almost 5 million people in America, most of whom are women (about 80 to 90 percent). This disease is associated with diffuse tenderness and widespread pain. Though there is no treatment, the acupuncture can give some relief, according to the latest study.

Even demanding to classify, Fibromyalgia is regarded as a rheumatic condition as it impairs the joints and soft tissue and results in pain. The disorder carries a lot of life-devastating signs with it that dimi box s update detská zdravotná obuv mi box s update ASU Jerseys eiszapfen lichterkette 3m detská zdravotná obuv jordan retro 3 casio g shock dw 5600e 1ver superfit galaxy black stetson hat workout spandex shorts pouf porta scarpe two people fishing kayak ASU Jerseys sweep belted tires ffer from person to person.

These symptoms involve sensitivity to bright lights, sounds, and temperature, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), headaches, and stiffness of muscles.

The exact causes of Fibromyalgia are not found yet. Hence, some hypotheses involve stressful or traumatic life events and recurring injuries.

Fibromyalgia may also associate with the other disorders, for instance, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus; some of the studies consider that it also includes a genetic component. As there is no evidence of biological markers, it can be demanding to diagnose fibromyalgia. The other overlapping diseases should be ruled out first for reaching a final decision. Due to these queries surrounding diagnosis and Genesis, the treatments for Fibromyalgia are not imminent. A latest study performed in Seville Spain at Dona Mercedes Primary Health Care worked on the uses of acupuncture for easing the symptoms of fibromyalgia.


Due to the unavailability of medical treatments for fibromyalgia, research claimed that 91 percent of the victims get support from the complementary medicines for instance acupuncture, massage, and hydrotherapy. Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia is utilized by almost 1 in 5 patients of Fibromyalgia in two years of analysis. The earlier clinical testing and experimentation on the efficacy of acupuncture is questionable, but these researches did not adapt to the course of acupuncture to match the needs of an individual for each patient of fibromyalgia. For examining whether it can make a difference, Dr. Teresa Leiva led a team of research in which he compared tailored acupuncture with sham acupuncture in more than 150 individuals. The later acupuncture included some guide lubes as the real group of acupuncture, but they did not involve the use of needle insertion. The main points of focus in sham acupuncture are the lumbar and dorsal regions. Every patient got an extended treatment of about 20 minutes every week for almost nine weeks either sham or tailored acupuncture. During the testing, the individuals carried on taking any drugs they already used. The patients completed the questionnaires rating of multiple aspects for instance depression, pain and the overall effect of disease in their lives.


After 10-week treatment, the sham acupuncture group reported a reduction in the pain by 27 percent while tailored acupuncture group stated a 41 percent reduction. After one year, the effect was yet evident. The sham and the tailored group reported 6 percent and 20 percent pain reductions. The queries that rated in the overall impact of Fibromyalgia on the patient’s quality of life stated a similar story across every point. The sham acupuncture group noted the reduction in the harmful effects of the disease by 24.5 percent, 11 percent, and 5 percent while the tailored group, at the same time, found declines by 35 percent, 25 percent, and 22 percent.

Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia

The overall measurements of depression, fatigue, and anxiety were better at a time of 10-week for the group of tailored acupuncture. The differences were apparent after one year, but the investigators noticed that the usage of antidepressants had increased, making the outcomes demanding to understand.


Numerous studies from the West and East recommend that for treating this medical condition, acupuncture for fibromyalgia is an effective treatment. In the West, there is not much research done on ME/CFS, but multiple Chinese types of research indicate that it is productive for that condition, too. The meta-analysis for acupuncture for both the states showed that it looks like the best treatment, but still high-quality research is required.

As acupuncture has shifted into the mainstream, different companies of insurance have made the addition to their rules, and some of the doctors in clinics and offices have initiated for offering it at their competence. Always confirm the details of the insurance policy before supposing it will cover the treatment of acupuncture.


The acupuncture for fibromyalgia works by correcting the pathways of energy throughout the body according to TCM. This energy of life-force is called chi or qi. The power keeps flowing through the body meridians, each of which matches to the group of organs or a single organ. If you have blocked, too little or too much qi, TCM teaches that it can result in different health issues. If it is demanding to get, you can assume a stream. If anything blocks the water flow, the pressure creates behind the blockage, and water can spill around the banks. Too little water can kill the animal and plants that live there while excess water can result in floods. Acupuncture for fibromyalgia aims to keep the stream flowing at fixed amounts and free. Numerous researches have revealed that acupuncture has all the effects regarded by TCM; the investigators do not explain why it has the outcomes. The pieces of research showed that it could give complicated changes in the body and brain, through stimulating the nerve fibers that allow signals to the spinal cord and brain to discharge particular hormones that obstruct the pain and makes you feel the best. Research involving images of the brain revealed that the acupuncture increases the threshold of your pain – which is less in individuals with ME/CFS and FMS – and hence, provides relief from a long-term illness. A British experiment utilizing MEG (MagnetoEncephaloGraphy) brain scans demonstrated that acupuncture can deactivate the part of the pain matrix of your mind.


When you regard the options of treatment for ME/CFS and FMS, or other condition of health for that case, it is significant to weigh the underlying benefits in response to the potential risks. According to the professionals, both Western and Eastern, the main advantages of acupuncture for fibromyalgia involve better sleep, less pain, overall better health and possible boosts the immune system.

Acupuncture for fibromyalgia can be a safe option as compared to the other treatments, particularly if you combine numerous different therapies. Advantages as a complementary therapy involve low risk, extremely mild side effects, and no adverse interactions with other medicines involving drugs. The possible chances of acupuncture are very less; mainly with a licensed acupuncturist risk require organ puncture (very rarely present), infection from non-sterile needles, fainting and dizziness, nausea, and bruising. IN the US, licensed experts make use of sterile needles and organize them after using each, but it is not necessary all over the world.


When you go to an acupuncturist, he will take your pulse at multiple points for both wrists. If the practitioner asked to stick out tongue, do not get surprised; in TCM, the valuable diagnostic tools are the coating, color, and shape of the tongue. The needle can go inside about one centimeter. While the expert exerts the needle, the acupuncturist wiggles or twists the needle to get them into a fixed place. You can get a brief ache or a muscle twitch, or you may not feel anything at all. When the needle gets in, you will have to keep yourself at a place and rest from almost 15 minutes to an hour. You could fall asleep as you are much relaxed. After that, the acupuncturist will pluck out the needle, and that does not affect you at all.

After some hours of your first therapy, you may feel some pains all over your body. It is pretty normal, and the experts state it as a sign that the treatment is working. The strains do not last for a long time and for that time you can take the painkillers that will help you in relieving the pain. It is normal to have a more sound sleep than regular that night, which is a special bonus for anyone with ME/CFS or FMS.


Your clinic or doctor may suggest you to a highly qualified acupuncturist, and you can also have a look at your insurance company to look if it has a record of practitioners that are involved in your health plan. Most of the insurance plans in Pennsylvania don’t cover holistic medicine in general and acupuncture particularly. If your insurance doesn’t cover our treatment, see our price list for details.

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