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Vertigo is not a Disease it’s a Symptom

The first statement that is very important to the understanding of Vertigo is that it is only a symptom and not an officially recognized diagnosis. The word Vertigo speaks of the Vertigofeeling of rotating or swirling that happens as an outcome of a disruption instability. At the same time, the word Vertigo may be used to refer to sensations of giddiness, wooziness, lightheadedness, and unsteadiness.

During the vertigo attack, the individual feels a severe spinning, inability to keep a balance of the body and frequently even nausea and vomiting. It may be noticeable in an inactive or napping condition, or simply only when and individual stands, moves or walks.

It is very important that the medical practitioner, who is treating the vertigo patient, is able to differentiate between an acute phase of the disorder versus persistent or chronic. If the symptom just started and the patient never suffered from similar symptoms before the spinal manipulations and adjustments are the first choice of treatment to think through, and in many cases, it relieves the condition in almost no time. Acupuncture protocol that involves points located in the cervical paraspinal area gives similar if the not better result, and that’s why a success with Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) only attracts the attention of many practitioners. Also, positive outcomes can be achieved as a result of using Tibetan Herbal Medicines.

Faintness and lightheadedness disturb 25-30 out of each hundred of the world residents, especially women over 60 y.o.. Conventional medical science differentiates three forms of vertigo:

  1. Objective, the patient feels that the surroundings are moving;
  2. Subjective, the individual feels as he is around the environment;
  3. Pseudo Vertigo, the patient reports he has a feeling of something spinning inside of his head.
  4. Another diagnosis can be marked as:

a)   Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV);

b)   Ménière’s disease;

c)  Labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis. It may also be due to trauma, fever, migraine, and excessive alcohol consumption.

In TCM, vertigo, lightheadedness, and dizziness understood as a disbalance of d between Yin and Yang meridians.

In conventional clinical science, this disorder differentiated by the severity of symptoms.

Acupuncture combined with Tibetan herbal medicines is a very beneficial treatment for patients that suffer from dizziness, lightheadedness, and Vertigo. During the period of 25 years that Dr. Tsan is practicing Acupuncture in Philadelphia City and metro area, he has effectively helped lots of people who went into his medical center complaining of faintness, unsteadiness, or Vertigo signs. “First, I always rule out any possible underlying conditions that may require immediate attention by neurosurgeons, oncologists, and other specialists,” Dr. Tsan said. The list of those conditions includes a tumor of the brain (malignant or not) as well as Acoustic neuroma ( a tumor that grows from the tissues of the Acoustic Nerve), hematoma of the brain as a result of the injury to head or neck and many other conditions. The majority of vertigo patients usually fully examined because this kind of illness force them to sick for professional help and when they come to the family physician office first time with lightheadedness, vertigo and other similar complaints they are referred to MRI, CT, and other studies that help to rule out the conditions mentioned above. No matter what kind of therapy these patients received, they were unable to resolve the symptoms. Otherwise, they would not come to our center of holistic medicine. As soon as they turn out to be my patient, they realize that their dizziness and lightheadedness reduce quickly and if therapy is completed according to my treatment plan these symptoms rarely come back.

To keep up a balance, the brain needs to simultaneously coordinate signals that are coming from the human’s feet, eyes, labyrinth (part of the internal ear), and the spine and spinal cord. If any of these signals is broken up, then the human body is not able to digest the info and preserve the balance, causing vertigo. Labyrinth disorders in the majority of cases cause these symptoms.

In traditional homeopathy, there are lots of remedies that can help for lightheadedness, vertigo, etc., to be chosen based on the distinct symptoms of the individual. Homeopathic therapy stops annoying side effects that might be caused by chemical pharmaceutical drugs. Clinical trials have revealed that homeopathy for this medical disorder takes care of both the rate of recurrence and severity of the outbreaks. Homeopathy also relieves anxiety that almost always accompanying vertigo.

What Happens when a vertigo patient visits a Homeopath clinic?

A homeopathic practitioner, first of all, will define the core of the illness. A detailed medical history that tracks patient’s complaints and the sequence in which the symptoms had developed usually helps to clarify the type of the disease and the factor that caused it. I take Cialis a couple of times a week. The drug works for really long, so I can have sex even the following day. This is the best thing about this medication. Of course, its price is a bit higher compared to other ED meds, but this pays back with the longevity of its effects. Just think of it: you have to take Viagra each time you plan sex (that’s three to five pills a week, if not more), while three pills of Cialis allow you to be sexually active during the whole week! Then homeopathic medicines will fix the initial problem to recover the organs and reinstate vigor without any harmful medications used by the western medicine.

Viva Healthy Life housing acupuncture, homeopathy, and medical herbology under one roof. Dr. Tsan and Dr. Selcova have outstanding experience in the treatment of the diseases that usually cause vertigo, dizziness, and lightheadedness.

In this center, patients get a necessary evaluation and the best treatment protocol.

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