Infant Eczema

What is Infant Eczema?
Infant Eczema

Infant Eczema frequently appears between one and 2 years of age as offensive, inflamed skin elements, initially on the baby’s face and then disseminating behind the ear; other typical locations are armpits, elbows’ folds and behind a knee. Usually, the rash presented by papules or pimples. These papules or pimples may contain fluid, which later in a cycle erupt, making the whole area.

Infant Eczema usually disappears by 18 – 24 months, but may stay until the age of 2.5 – 3 years.

What causes Infant Eczema?

The major risk factor for starting Infant Eczema is a genetic history of allergic reactions running in a family, especially different forms of dermatitis, seasonal allergies, and obstructive bronchitis or asthma. Many different factors may initiate development of the Infant Eczema including Moisture (from milk, saliva, or sweat)

  • High temperature
  • Wetness
  • Dust
  • Irritating fabrics
  • Pet’s dander
  • Different kind of smoke, especially cigarettes and cigars
  • Cleansing agents and shampoos
  • Nutrients’ allergic reactions

Anything that can cause itch of the skin would raise the risk of the development of the Infant Eczema. When baby scratches the skin loses the ability to defense itself due to micro scratches. These micro scratches open the door for infection and the illness begins.

 How to manage Infant Eczema?

Infant Eczema always calls for attention. Pediatricians, unfortunately, don’t have really good weapons to combat this disorder. They prescribe different creams considering this illness as skin disorder, however, it’s not. Infant Eczema starts much deeper in the immune system and skin is only a window through which infant’s body dumps out toxins and waste. Holistic Medicine practitioners do not believe in the treatment of the skin rashes (regardless of the clinical diagnosis) using topical creams. In our understanding, the topical cream will close this window and the organism will not be able to clean itself through the skin. What will happen next? The body will look for another window considering that the skin window is closed. Most likely the internal system will use mucosal membranes for this purpose and the first one will be bronchi. Imagine the same rash as on a baby’s skin inside of bronchi… Very nasty! What if the system will open a window inside the stomach? Or intestine? Mother Nature is very smart and it created a skin to be responsible for “waste management” in human’s body.

Why was skin selected by the “Creator” to perform this function?

  1. Skin is the most external organ of the body
  2. All changes on a skin immediately seen either by an individual or his guardians.
  3. Easy to handle. What does that mean? By saying handle, I did not mean to use topical steroids. There are some essential actions that must be taken in case of skin outbreak:

a) protect infant from heat and prevent perspiring;

b) use soft non-irritating wear and bedspreads;

c) eliminate possibly allergenic nutrients: milk, eggs, known allergic fruits (oranges, tangerines, on breastfeeding;

d) change the laundry cleansers, detergents, conditioners;

e) bath your baby in medicinal herbs: 1/2 tablespoon calendula petals, 1/2 tablespoon chamomile flowers, 1/2  tablespoon oats, smashed or ground, teaspoon lavender, 1 teaspoon rose petals

f) change the soap, use the most natural or use no soap whatsoever;

g) use gentle moisturizers, natural and organic

4.  Skin for a medical practitioner is the best sensor of the activity of the illness. Whenever the skin clears up the immune reaction inside the organism moving to its remission phase.

Infant Eczema frequently happens along with other immune conditions: asthma, seasonal allergy, obstructive bronchitis, and allergic conjunctivitis.

Fortunately, holistic medicine is very helpful in the treatment of Infant Eczema. The most popular techniques of holistic medicine for this medical condition are homeopathy, acupuncture, and Reiki.

Many parents got scared from word “acupuncture” when it applies to two months old baby; however, there is nothing to be afraid of. First of all, acupuncture is not painful, second it’s not harmful and third and, even more, important – infants tolerate acupuncture much easier than adults and usually don’t even cry. Contrary, as soon as needles inserted infants usually fall asleep enjoying the relaxation and comfort.

Still, my personal method of choice for treatment of Infant Eczema is homeopathy.

I remember this case in the very beginning of my homeopathic career when I saw a 4 months old infant female with severe atopic dermatitis aka Infant Eczema on her face, underarms, behind the knees and in the elbows. The dermatitis was accompanying with rhonchi as well as cyanosis of the tip of the nose, upper and lower lips and lobules of the ears.

After a short conversation with baby’s mom, I realized that exactly what holistic practitioners are trying to prevent happened in this case. When the first signs of skin rash appeared parents brought the infant to a pediatrician who prescribed a topical steroid cream. The infant’s organism accepted the cream as a command from outside not to use a skin for “waste management” and found the bronchi’s mucus layer as the most convenient organ. That’s why the allergic, atopic bronchitis starts. After about 2 hours of assessment, I prescribed homeopathic remedies: Aconite, Graphites, and Silicea. Later that day baby’s mom called me to inform that the baby’s breath become quiet and she hears no rhonchi. Next day the skin rash became pale and dry. In a few days, all skin elements disappeared and just some discoloration stayed on a skin for a few more weeks to remind that in a majority of cases skin is only a mirror of the internal body and not the ill organ. The disease lies somewhere deep inside and has to be treated from inside only.

In many cases of Infant Eczema, I use Reiki healing along with homeopathic remedies. Reiki is a beautiful energy treatment that works great on kids and infants. It can be done even while a baby is sleeping and this method requires no physical contact between healer and patient. Reiki helps to equalize the energy disproportion in the organism and to open chakras that are closed due to illness.

A couple clinical studies circulated in medical newsletters during the last 5 years, which refer to the significance of homeopathic remedies in the curing of Infant Eczema.

In Berlin, Germany, the professor of medicine, chief of the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology of the Charite University Dr. Zuberbier demonstrated on 200 patients with Infant Eczema the high effectiveness of homeopathic medicine. The overall helpfulness of this method reached 85%.

Japanese scientists and medical practitioners Itamura and Hosoya selected 19 Infant Eczema babies whose illness was unaffected to the traditional western medical managements. Instead, homeopathic remedies were prescribed. Parents of All infants testified significant positive progress of their skin condition.

These clinical trials studies emphasized the reputation of homeopathic treatment in the curing of Infant Eczema.  Holistic Medicine in general and homeopathy, in particular, are the method of choice in Infant Eczema medical management. No harmful chemical drugs, no steroids, no side effects. Treatment of so-called “skin problems” from inside the organism, but stopping the development of the pathological process that is only reflected on the skin of the patient.

If your baby is suffering from Infant Eczema don’t wait and call Viva Healthy Life. I’m Dr. Tsan and I will help your baby.