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Reiki Treatment in Philadelphia – Growing Practice

Dr. Tsan – Reiki Master graduated from a prestigious school of Reiki in India. When he came back to Reiki Philadelphia and presented it to other specialists, who are practicing energy healing. 

Reiki Philadelphia is a growing practice. Since 1922 when it was first created, Reiki has helped shape the lives of millions for the better. Reiki was introduced to the American population in 1938 by Hawayo Takata. Hawayo learned Reiki from one of the original masters of the practice, Chujiro Hayashi. Since 1938 Reiki has spread across the entire United States. During her tour in 1938, Hyashi touched the lives of many and influenced thousands of people to learn Reiki for themselves. After that, the practice was adopted by thousands of people across the continent. Those who were able to achieve master status taught others the delicate art. Now there are many practitioners all over the country. Some of the best, however, practice Reiki Philadelphia

History of Reiki



Reiki Philadelphia is a spiritual practice. It is not to be confused with any religious cult or association. While spiritual in nature, anyone can practice Reiki Philadelphia. Reiki is founded on the beliefs of the world’s most prominent religions. The Reiki is a healing technique that is based on the idea that the practitioner or master can channel life energy, commonly referred to as Ki, into the life force of the patient and help the body’s natural healing abilities greatly. Reiki Philadelphia is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual treatment and rehabilitation that anyone can use. Reiki Philadelphia has been very effective in helping to treat virtually every known illness and affliction, all while providing a beneficial effect. More importantly, Reiki Therapy has no negative side effects. Meaning you can be treated without having to fear any repercussions. The treatments also re-energize you, as the life force of the universe is transferred to you through the master. The Ki recharges your body like a battery giving you the energy you need to fuel your creativity and help you with all aspects of your life. Reiki Philadelphia is very effective as a complementary treatment. It does not interfere with any form of medical procedure that the patient is going through. In fact, Reiki Philadelphia helps relieve some of the side effects of serious drugs and improves the overall well being of the person undergoing therapy. The treatments compliment the healing treatments that you are going through to help the body heal faster and to improve the effects of the treatments that a person is undergoing. Reiki is very helpful in helping reduce the harmful effects of chemotherapy. The treatments help the patient remove the stress and anxiety related to chemotherapy as well as to help to suppress the harmful side effects. Reiki is very helpful in helping reduce the harmful effects of chemotherapy. The treatments help the patient remove the stress and anxiety related to chemotherapy as well as to help to suppress the harmful side effects.

Reiki Philadelphia also helps many conditions that are not as serious as cancer. For example, Reiki Philadelphia can help heal patients from a variety of seasonal afflictions such as allergies. Here Philadelphia and the surrounding areas including some parts of New Jersey the allergy season catches many people by surprise. Not everyone can deal with the side effects that the everyday allergy pill comes with. ReikiSo during the allergy and the flu season, the offices of practitioners of Reiki Philadelphia are full of people that are seeking relief from their allergic reactions. These people seek help with their allergic reactions because the common medicines can’t help them relieve their allergic reactions. From the viewpoint of alternative medicine, most allergic reactions arise because of an imbalance in the emotional state of the patient or an imbalance in the Ki. The Reiki practitioner determines the source of the imbalance and seeks to correct it by providing the patient with enough Ki energy to seal the gap. This process is a great alternative to modern medicine because it helps the patient on a very personal level. In fact, the same story is applicable in many cases of patients who come to seek alternative methods of treatment. These patients have often tried traditional methods of medicine and found them ineffective. This happens primarily because the doctors attempt to treat the disease and not the patient. Meaning that the patient does not receive a personalized treatment that is attuned to his or her needs. As a result, the drugs that the traditional practitioners use are effective in suppressing the symptoms of a certain affliction but they do not target the source of the disease. The Reiki treatments are by their nature designed specifically for the individual. Consequently, they target the very source of the disease and help solve the problem permanently.

Reiki Philadelphia at Viva Healthy Life:

Viva Healthy life is one of the best treatment centers that offers Reiki Philadelphia. With the help of many alternative treatments, we provide a holistic treatment fro every patient that walks into our office. A holistic treatment addresses the care of the whole person- mind, body, and spirit. Our medical team can provide you with a personalized treatment based on your needs. Often times the body needs a healthy emotional state to recuperate. Our treatments of Reiki Philadelphia can help you overcome many serious illnesses.

Dr. Tsan is a Reiki master who has helped hundreds of patients combat numerous life-threatening diseases. Some results had miraculous results.

A patient was diagnosed with a tumor and was set to undergo serious surgery. The tumor was in its early stages but the procedure to remove the tumor involved a lot of risks. This woman was referred to Viva Healthy Life Reiki Philadelphia by a friend who was treated for chronic pain here at our office. The woman was deathly afraid of surgery and turned to alternative medicine as a last resort. On her first treatment, Dr. Tsan asked her whether or not there were any significant events that occurred during the time that the tumor first appeared. When the patient was unable to recall anything significant Dr. Tsan asked her to have hypnotic sessions. During the session, they concluded that the tumor occurred after she was involved in a car accident while coming home after a stressful day at work. The increased pressure at work and the car accident created an imbalance in the Ki that grew worse after the patient was diagnosed with the tumor.

Dr. Tsan recommended treatments of Reiki Philadelphia along with acupuncture sessions to try and reduce the effects that the emotional stress had on the progress of the tumor. After about four months of frequent therapy, the patient went to see a doctor. She came back with tears of joy in her eyes. The doctor told her that the tumor was reduced to the size where it was safe to remove it with very little risk. Another very popular procedure of Reiki Philadelphia is the ringing rocks meditation and Reiki healing that we offer. 

The Reiki Philadelphia is becoming more and more popular. Every day people inquire about the healing properties of this wonderful method. While there is little clinical research to support the effectiveness of Reiki Philadelphia, the success stories speak for themselves. We are a proud partner of the International Center For Reiki Training, who ranked us one of the best offices in Reiki Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania. 

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