Holistic Cosmetics

Holistic Cosmetics – The Way to Look younger and healthier

Traditional wisdom says to ladies to support themselves and to be ready for aging: get prepared that your appearances will head south as well as your nails, hai, and skin will drive downward. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers gain crazy profits off the panic of body aging, with innovative anti-aging merchandises and “phenomenal” creams, cleansers Holistic cosmetics in Philadelphiaand tonics thrown to the market during each calendar year.
Beneath all that advertising publicity there has been a realistic jump forward in our consideration of what origins skin to get old, and it points to inflammation, which is good update! If this is the case the skin look should not depend on age and maintaining skin’s healthy condition will keep it young and bright. That’s because the signs you find on skin are biological. This signs, wrinkles and/or discoloration are not age related, and can be postponed or even overturned with a holistic approach: treatment of major medical conditions of the body, healthy diet, active lifestyle and appropriate anti-aging products taking more likely inside than topically.

This strategy to keep skin young and healthy can also be beneficial for other conditions: acne, dermatitis, etc. While western cosmetology and medicine uses hormones, antibiotics, and hazard chemicals, holistic method helps people resolve “aging” pointing to the principal cause of problems.

From patient to patient, we see the outcomes of the inside-out holistic treatment. So let’s discuss how to get started with holistic cosmetics.

Holistic cosmetics consider each patient as an individual with specific for this particular individual medical problems, constitutional conditions, and environmental influences. That’s why when we proposing our treatment plan we are offering treatments from head to toe.

Dr. Selcova got her knowledge in holistic cosmetics and cosmetic acupuncture from her teacher, internationally known cosmetic acupuncturist Dr. Ping Zhang.. This post graduate education was the groundwork of Dr. Selcova’s career and her knowledge of how to treat patients holistically. First of all she is medical doctor with 15+ years of experience. Second, she is acupuncturist who graduated WON Institute of Oriental Medicine and finally she graduated “cosmetic acupuncture” classes. When Dr. Selcova sees new patient with skin problem she never think about skin problem itself, but she is always digging deep into the core of the symptoms to find the organ of the body responsible for those specific symptoms on skin.

The goal of her cosmetic treatment is at all times to balance physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the body. Cosmetic treatments at Viva Healthy Life are always a combination of acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, Reiki and other techniques of energy work.

At Viva Healthy Life we are offering the following holistic cosmetic treatments:

Mesotherapy Diamond Microdermabrasion
Mesotherapy in Philadelphia Diamond Microdermabrasion in Northeast Philadelphia
Stomach Mind Band – Weigh loss  Cavitation Liposuction
Stomach Mind Band by developer Dr. Tsan in Philadelphia Cavitation Liposuction in Philadelphia PA

 Radio Frequency Face Lifting

 Herbal and Microelements Treatment

Radio Frequency Treatment in Northeast Philadelphia PA

Gold Mask after Diamond Microdermabrasion

Relax, calm down and let your body to be indulged. Appreciate the enjoyable environment throughout your personal cosmetic and wellness treatment!

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