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Insomnia is not a Disease – It’s a Symptom.

Insomnia is a symptom of sleeplessness that zillions of individuals in the world have to live with. Patients who are suffering from insomnia have either problem to fall asleep or maintain stable sleep during the whole night. Insomnia usually causes sleepiness and fatigue during the daytime. Insomnia contains wide varieties of sleep disturbances.

Insomnia is usually classified into two main categories:

  • Transient insomnia – condition that lasts not more than a few weeks and usually caused by acute stress condition. For this form of insomnia time is the best doctor. However if the transient insomnia turns into chronic form additional medical intervention is necessary.
  • Chronic insomnia – after about a month of stable insomnia doctors classify it as chronic form. Based on the studies published by the National Institutes of Health1, most of the chronic insomnia episodes are secondary as a symptom of some general medical condition.

This disorder can have an impact on individuals at any age however adult female suffer from insomnia 2 times more often than adult males.

The National Sleep Foundation2 reports that 30% to 40% of adult population in the US report that they experienced some symptoms of sleep disorders within the period of the last 12 months.

Cure Insomnia with Acupuncture

Punching yourself with piercing things might not give the impression as the very efficient method to develop your healthy nap, but primary impressions are frequently deceptive.

The method, which is above criticism is to attempt what is hypothetically must work, and when it doesn’t, then move to the alternative side to try something else. One of the option is to start using acupuncture to improve patients’ mental performance, and found that it noticeably improved their sleep quality as weInsomniall. Acupuncture for insomnia is a faultless illustration.

One of my patients tried to normalize his sleep effectiveness for a long time, and he did almost all available treatments, from EEG biofeedback, to smart drugs. Some of these procedures have functioned and brought good result for a short time, and some haven’t.

Finally, the sleep improvement methods that has constantly verified to be effective for many patients are Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, and other alternative techniques.

The proof of the effectiveness of Acupuncture for Insomnia

The clinical trial report issued by National Institute of Healthy stated that in individuals with nervousness, alternative medicine treatments in general and acupuncture in particular amplified a production of melatonin and increased total nap time. The individuals who underwent acupuncture also fell asleep easier, were less awakened at night, and were less worried. The scientists determined that, “Traditional Chinese Medicine healing may be very beneficial for majority types of nervous individuals who are suffering from sleeping disorders.”

Another clinical trial discovered that acupuncture recovers nap quality in patients treated in HIV clinics. It’s a known fact that these patients suffer from sleep disorders very often. The scientists brought to the attention the fact that, “Ability to fall asleep as well as sleep quality meaningfully enriched after 5-6  weeks of acupuncture treatment…”

Further experiments demonstrated that Traditional Chinese Medicine helps also to patients with insomnia, but without serious medical complications.

One more benefit of acupuncture is chronic pain control that is often causes sleep disorder.

4 rules to obey when treated with Acupuncture for Insomnia

If you decided to be treated with acupuncture to fight your insomnia follow these 4 steps:

  • Find a well-trained acupuncture practitioner. There are few websites that contain information about medical practitioners in each specialty organized by geographical areas with and being the most popular.
  • It is very important for you to have chemistry with your acupuncturist. TCM is much more than needling – Acupuncture is philosophy and you have to be relaxed and self-assured in the practitioner’s curing skills. It does not mean that if you don’t like this particular acupuncturist you won’t get help, but if you trust this practitioner and feel comfortable during each and every session your treatment experience will be much more pleasant.
  • Allow for the treatment an honest determination and at least 10 sessions before you choose to continue or not. Occasionally the improvement reported by patients after the end of course of treatment.
  • During the course of treatment inform your acupuncturist about any changes you feel. It is important to find the best protocol customized for your type of insomnia.

Classical Homeopathic Medicine for Insomnia

Another effective method of treatment for insomnia is Classical Homeopathic Medicine. After the most common hygienic, behavior, pharmaceutical and other methods used with no success, homeopathy may appear tremendously beneficial in healing of sleeplessness. Because homeopathy does not contain pharmaceutical medicines, chemical elements or medicinal herbs, it typically doesn’t result in withdrawal symptoms when it is discontinued. Homeopathy doesn’t cause any addiction or side effects as long as homeopathic remedies prescribed by professional and according to rules of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is supporting the organism in accomplishing and re-forming normal sleep configurations.

This method is well-known as a treatment that is improving well being in general and advancing healthy sleep. Many studies demonstrate that homeopathic medicine supports the organism to get well from different diseases faster then if using traditional treatments. This method of holistic medicine definitely deserves to be used as a first line choice before traditional pharmaceutical drugs interventions are attempted for sleeplessness disorders.

Several homeopathic remedies proved their ability to heal sleep disorder, but discovering the exact remedy for a particular patient requires strong knowledge of homeopathic codes. A study of more than a few homeopathic articles and manuals disclosed more than 450 homeopathic remedies.

Unsystematic choice of these medicines without following homeopathic rules and codes more than likely will not help. However if each particular patient is healed based on his/her distinctive individualities the chance of success is extremely high.

Some homeopathic remedies are very beneficial for healing of insomnia, especially when used in combination with other holistic techniques like acupuncture and reiki.

Conclusion for treatment of insomnia

Sleep disorder is a tremendously common and problematic medical condition that may be caused by a number of different illnesses.  Sleeplessness is only a symptom; it is not a disease. Evaluation and treatment of this symptom requires a detailed examination of each patient to pinpoint the elements that may result in or contribute to insomnia.  Pharmaceutical drugs used for sleep disorders are known as either narcotics or chemicals that can initiate multiple side effects. Also these drugs don’t solve the problem, but help to fall asleep only after taking them and work for one night. Medicines for insomnia address only the symptom of insomnia regardless of the main illness that caused it.

Use of alternative methods of treatment: acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki, medicinal herbs, etc. makes treatment of insomnia much more effective.

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