Natural Remedies for Kidney disease

Natural Remedies for Kidney disease and for urinary tract diseases are popular because of their effectiveness and safeties.

URINARY TRACT DISEASES are most prevalent in adult women, and they become recurrent. One of the most common conditions is cystitis, an infection of the bladder, but the virus can take place in any part of the urinary system, involving the kidneys. The disease is created by the Urinary tract diseases - Natural Remedies for Kidney diseasedevelopment of gut bacteria within the urinary system, but in most of the cases, the bacteria are not present on the urine culture, in spite of the apparent symptoms of bladder discomfort. The proximity of the urethra and anus in women permits for the movement of bacteria, mainly if irritation occurs in the delicate perineal tissues.

There are rare urinary tract infections in men and boys due to the length of the urethra. Most cases include an underlying cause, mainly a hindrance to the normal flow of urine or reflux of the urine to kidneys.

Homeopathy as Natural Remedies for Kidney diseases can be utilized along with the conventional treatment with the antibiotics and for most of the cases where there is no infection. It can be beneficial in making the constitution, thus decreasing the risk of occurrence. Multiple other measures can minimize the chances of re-infection.

In all the cases of suspended urinary tract disease, a detailed history is required to find the appropriate homeopathic treatment using Natural Remedies for Kidney diseases. The sample of urine should be sent to the laboratory for analysis. Having a preliminary inspection of the urine is useful. The presence of small amounts of blood, cloudiness and strong smell is significantly suggested of a bacterial infection, but the clear urine does not rule out of it. The doctor can use a reagent strip to look if there are any pus or blood cells not seen with the naked eye.

In a simple case in cystitis, when there is no apparent general illness or fever, the GP will wait for the outcomes of the urine culture before the prescription of antibiotics. As it can take multiple days, it is good to try a homeopathic remedy in the meantime for alleviating the problems.


The common symptoms of an infection of a bladder are a pain due to disease of the bladder when urine passes and the frequency of urination, they are often not present in the older and young individuals. The unfussy case of cystitis will give much more as compared to mild fever and does not make the individual feel dreadfully.

Pain can be felt in the urethra as a scalding or burning sensation and as a dull ache in the pelvis. If the pain continues to the loins or there is a high temperature, this shows the infection has mounted to the kidneys, known as pyelonephritis and the medical intervention can be urgently sought. The blood passage also necessitates immediate medical attention.

The infection of the kidneys can result in the scarring of the kidneys and immediate treatment with the antibiotics is crucial.


Multiple women have symptoms similar to cystitis, but the urine culture capitulates no growth of bacteria. They do get different courses of the prescribed antibiotics that can do little to assist the symptoms. In a few cases, there is a common reason for instance inflammation of the delicate tissue of the perineum or bladder (chronic interstitial cystitis) or urethra. There are cystitis-like symptoms in the herpes infection as it can cause irritation or chronic vaginal discharges. No cause is ever found in the majority of cases, and the individual is told that he/she has an irritable bladder.

Homeopathy as a set of Natural Remedies for Kidney diseases can be beneficial in this condition, as the therapy has a purpose at the whole individual in spite of the results of one investigation. The observant dietary management can be shown as the women seem to be responsive to particular acidic food. In any of the cases, you should consult a professional homeopath.

OTHER FORMS OF URINARY TRACT DISEASES and use of Natural Remedies for Kidney disease

In women, the infection can be initiated by sexual intercourse, a case called “honeymoon cystitis.”  It is essential to empty the bladder after having sex for avoiding disease. In some of the cases, there is no infection, there is irritation of the urethra by friction, and it can imitate the symptoms. An alteration in the sexual position and adequate lubrication may solve this issue.

Some of the females build up an allergic reaction to the spermicide or the latex of condoms they constitute, and it can result in the bladder symptoms. An alteration in the contraception can be shown if it is the case.

The local vaginal infections with thrush, incline towards the epidemics of the urinary tract. Different females get thrush after an antibiotics course. The antibiotics are not discriminatory; they also remove the so-called friendly bacteria and the regular range of bacteria in the gut is changed.

The fungi, thrush and abnormal bacteria result in a condition called gut dysbiosis. The food intolerance, bowel disturbance, and abdominal bloating can occur, along with the recurrent infections of the urinary system. It happens in further courses of antibiotics that derange the bacterial content of the bowel and more. The homeopathy is beneficial in breaking the vicious circle in these cases. 


Drinking large amounts of clear water is essential. A little infection can be sorted out by this simple task. The regular tea and coffee enhance the symptoms so you should avoid it. Specific herbal teas are beneficial for assisting in clearing the little infections and controlling the symptoms but are great avoided in the pregnancy. The goldenseal tea persuades the flow of urine and is quite pleasant.

Altering the acidity of urine is useful. Another ingredient that tops the list of Natural Cures for Kidney disease is cranberry. When you take the tablets of cranberry or drinking cranberry juice, it makes the urine acidic for the bacterial growth. You can also receive some packets of the powders that are accessible are at the shops of chemists for relieving the cystitis symptoms, working on the same principles. Some consist of a large amount of bicarbonate for making the urine alkaline for bacterial growth.

It is essential for keeping the bladder empty, but the pain can be persistent. When you hold on to the urine, it can make your situation worse and motivates a more severe infection. If someone has the chance to get recurrent infections, it is beneficial to double void; it is returning to the bathroom about 5 minutes after passing the urine and empty your bladder again. It is incredible the quantity of urine left in the bladder.

There is a prescription of acidophilus along with the therapy for repopulating the bowel with healthy bacteria.

A sexually transmitted infection, Chlamydia can take off the infection of the urinary tract. It is common in females and increasing nowadays. If it is left untreated, it can lead to the issues of fertility. A vaginal swab present at the local genitourinary clinics can sense Chlamydia and other infections that require particular therapies for antibiotics.

The local irritations of the perineal tissues incline to infection. It is essential to avoid deodorants, harsh soaps, baths, and bubbles along with the tight trousers and thongs. The best thing is to wear pure cotton underwear as is the stocking in comparison with the tights. Teaching the girls to wipe the bottoms from front to back after a stool is essential.

ACUPUNCTURE – ANOTHER CHOICE from the category of Natural Remedies for Kidney disease:

It is believed that the kidneys dominate water metabolism. All the issues of prostate, ureter, and bladder are linked to the kidneys. The signs of prostatitis and UI are because of the heat and dampness of the bladder.

Multiple acupuncture points have a great function of regulation in the urinary tract diseases. Shuidao (ST28), Zhonngji (RN3), Sanyinjiano (SP6), Taixi (KI3), and many more are included.  A randomized controlled clinical attempt shows that the females who got acupuncture treatments of bladder specific have major improvements in the frequency, urgency, capacity, and quality in comparison with the females who got placebo acupuncture therapies.

A highly effective traditional formula for cleaning the damp-heat of the bladder is Bazheng San, greatly applied to treat prostatitis and UTI when there is no work of antibiotics. The random controlled trials show that Chinese herbal medicine was advanced to the western medicines in the reduction of prostate volume and improving quality of life. No matter what type of urinary tract disease, acupuncture is a great method for solving the issue of alleviating the symptoms.


There are two parts of treatment with homeopathy: the first one is treating the infection and the second is improving the overall health so to ward off form further infections. This treatment is perfect left to an expert homeopath.

Having the high potency of an acute attack, 30c, is shown. It can be done again and again every hour, thus reducing the frequency of the remedy as the signs get better. If there will be no progress after three to four doses, the expert homeopathic treatment can be required.

ARNICA MONTANA: Arnica is helpful for cystitis that takes place following the bruising perineum injuries. It is well-indicated for urinary issues after childbirth. There should be trouble to empty the bladder and some unintentional dribbling.

SEPIA: Sepia is essential for recurring infections of the urinary tract, mainly when there is a history of multiple antibiotics thrush and use. The females cannot have her libido, so worn out by the struggles to keep going that she weeps when she expresses herself. Genital herpes may exist.

ACONITE: The symptoms come soon without any sign, often after exposure to cold or after a fright. Cystitis results from diving into the icy water. There is a spasm, and it can lead to urine retention. Before urination, there is a sensation of burning and pressure in the bladder.

PULSATILLA: Pulsatilla is prescribed for the shy little girls with a changeable nature and highly emotional. Usually, these girls have very light menstrual bleeding and sometimes missing months. As they do not drink, they are more vulnerable to the infections of the urinary tract. This remedy is also for the old females, who are yielding in nature and soft. They relate their stories and bring sympathy to the listener, and they are prone to cry. When the urination is delayed, the pain is extreme and even after urination. There are alterable symptoms, and the urine tends to burst out.


Both acupuncture and homeopathy proved to be highly effective for the treatment of the URINARY TRACT DISEASES.

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