DNA test for weight loss

DNA test for weight loss helps to pinpoint the core of the obesity and to apply treatment to the right spot of the system. 

DNA test for weight loss, what will most likely come to your mind is a paternity test or a criminal investigation. However, what if we told you that you can use DNA test for weight loss to improve your chances of losing weight? Yes, recent technology has come out that helps us personalize our weight loss diet through our genes. There are subtle genetic differences in all of us that makes us metabolize food DNA Test for Weight Lossand drugs differently. Conventional weight loss diets have been long known to have some difficulty. While most of these diets like a high protein and low carbs or low fat and low carbs diet usually lead to significant weight loss, they do not work for everyone. In addition to that, most people usually gain the weight they struggled to lose after some time. Nutrigenics which is another word for the practice of using DNA test for weight loss to optimize meals seeks to improve weight loss and maintenance of this weight loss by matching your genetics to the diet you eat. Let us take a look at the problems faced by conventional weight loss diets.

The problems with conventional weight loss diets:

It is well known that the quantity and quality of calories you take in or burn up on a daily basis is very important. You cannot get fat or overweight within two days of eating junk foods and having an unhealthy lifestyle. However, months to years of eating more low-quality, junk calories while burning fewer calories will lead to weight gain. Unhealthy low-quality calories usually seen in junk foods are not easily burned off by the body to produce energy so are stored in the body as fats. Conventional weight loss diets talk more about modifying the type of food you take. This could either be by reducing carbs and fats (which is the mainstream low-calorie diet), reducing carbs only while increasing fats and proteins in an attempt to burn off fats through ketosis (ketogenic diets), increasing only proteins and reducing fats and carbs in order to take advantage of the fact that protein increases your metabolism and reduces appetite, or a host of other methods like intermittent fasting and so on. However, one problem with all these diets is that there is no one size fits all diet. What works for some will not necessarily work for others. Also, some of the other diets are just plain rip-offs. This is the reason for the large controversy among the diets. Another major problem is that even though some of these diets work, there is a problem maintaining that weight loss for a long period of time. Most people who lose weights with one diet or another tend to gain that weight back over time. With all these problems, it is important to look for a more individualized form of weight loss programs. That is where DNA test for weight loss comes in.

How DNA test for weight loss can help you lose weight:

DNA test for weight loss simply involves you taking DNA tests to find out what diet works best for you. The concept is, our bodies use the nutrients we take differently. This is because our genetic differences will cause our bodies to react differently to different nutrients. This also affects our susceptibility to different diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Some people tend to store more carbohydrates as fats, others metabolize fats faster, other people work best with a high protein diet. Genetic testing will help you get hold of these differences. Studies show that although it is still difficult to predict which diet will make you lose weight best currently, however, you can predict how to keep your weight loss. In DNA testing for weight loss, your DNA will be tested and based on the results for the test, you will be given recommendations on what diets are best for you. This should enable you to have a more personalized dieting plan that works best for you. In other words, you are optimizing your diet based on information from your genes. For this to work, however, just like in conventional dieting plans, you have to adhere to the advice you are given. It makes sense to find out your genetic weaknesses and strengths in relation to your diet and use that information to your advantage.

Studies which compared DNA guided dieting with conventional dieting showed similar weight loss in both cases, but with DNA guided dieting, there was improved maintenance in the weight loss. Achieving weight loss is difficult but maintaining it is much more difficult. This is where most conventional dieting advice fails. This is where genetic testing is better than conventional weight loss – provided you follow the advice. However, we are hopeful that with the current studies going on in the areas of genetic testing and weight loss, we would be able to more effectively predict the diets that would enable us to lose more weight also.

DNA test for weight loss in Philadelphia

At the Philadelphia Weight Loss Clinic, the division of Philadelphia Holistic Clinic team of medical professionals provide patients with the modern, most effective and scientifically proved approaches to weight loss. DNA test for weight loss helps us to chose the best method of treatment and also to point our treatment to the core of the obesity. Many people who unsuccessfully tried different methods of weight loss come to our clinic and lose weight easily and naturally.

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