Cosmetic Acupuncture Philadelphia

History of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Using special cosmetic acupuncture needles on Chinese acupuncture points on the body to enrich fresh and young look and realm a young-Cosmetic Acupuncturelooking look has been done for centuries in China, Japan, Thailand, India and other Asian nations, but it’s just underway to become common in the United States in the previous decade or so, experts say.

Similar to old-fashioned technique, the cosmetic acupuncture also targets to balance the body’s vitality and generate a sense of health. Progressively, patients are choosing cosmetic acupuncture over the surgical blade, says Olga Selcova MD, LAc, who has been performing the cosmetic acupuncture for more than fifteen.

Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Dr. Olga Selcova licensed acupuncturist performs cosmetic acupuncture at Viva Healthy Life.  Her patients discovered it’s a flawless substitute to Botox because it improves the younger appearance of the entire face and not just specific areas, and it also perfect for those who deny usage of the external components injected into their skin.

“It plugs in wrinkles and increases the collagen production in areas that require it: frown lines and wrinkles all over the mouth, lips, and chin,” Dr. Selcova says. “At the same time, the darkness and touch of the face advances and smoothers and drooping becomes raised in a natural manner. It’s not like an aggressive surgical facelift because it’s not that risky.”

While a majority of people are looking for the process to improve their look and remove some of the wrinkles and lines all over the faces, they notice an additional benefit in the enhanced feeling of well-being that arrives alongside with cosmetic acupuncture, Dr. Selcova says.

“It fixes the individual’s overall state while a majority of the Western cosmetic techniques are only about the face.” Olga Selcova LAc, who has been treating patients with the cosmetic acupuncture for longer than fifteen years, says: “Gradually, people are electing cosmetic acupuncture over the knife.

Women’s of all ages searching for new ways to look beautiful naturally are attracted towards cosmetic acupuncture because of the internet today. Its holistic procedure appeals particularly towards women who need to strengthen their natural looks and simultaneously minimize the signs of aging without applying chemicals or surgical procedures.

Though cosmetic acupuncture is commonly known as an acupuncture face-lift, it has very small common factors as compared to its surgical equivalent. The main purpose is to increase the flow of nutrients, oxygen and fluids to the facial tissues and breasts by the process known as vasodilation (broadening of blood vessels). As the amount of blood flow to the tissue increases, the resulting effect is toning of facial lines, minimizing the marks of sun damage as well as muscle tension, improving the complexion, and creating a youthfulness to your body and face.

Cosmetic Acupuncture not only for women

Today some of the top actors and businessmen who would like to look best are implementing methods such as cosmetic acupuncture in order to look more youthful for necessary public events.

Internationally famous author, neurophysiologist, and environmental consultant Jeffrey Kennedy have taken the benefit of cosmetic acupuncture for the purpose of facial rejuvenation & breast enhancement at the age of 44.

What is the Cost of Cosmetic Acupuncture?

The fee varies with the professional but normally is between $90 and $150 for one session. In addition to the above, the cosmetic acupuncture also stimulates reactive regions on your face, while body acupuncture stimulates the healing mechanism of your body.

How has Cosmetic Acupuncture Works?

The skin on your face is very flexible and is primarily made up of 3 layers, the outer layer is known as the epidermis, the middle layer is known as the dermis, and the subcutaneous or bottom layer. The outer layer of your skin is created by the combination of dead cells and living cells and also a waxy component known as keratin. This layer of your skin changes in thickness relying upon the location of the body. This layer is normally thin on your face. This layer of your skin acts in a similar way as your waxy car coat. While your car is protected against abrasions and scratches, this layer keeps out harmful chemicals, drying, cracking and sun damage and keeps an even temperature. It also provides glow and luster to your facial complexion.

One important fact about the epidermis that you must take into account is that it does not have a direct blood supply. In short blood vessels are not present in your epidermal layer. It gets its fluid supply with the help of dermal layer.

The dermis also is known as the middle layer of your skin is much thicker as compared to the epidermis. This layer comprises of elastic fibers, nerves, collagen, and blood vessels. Your skin gets fullness and resilience with the help of this layer. As you get older, small blood vessels present in this layer get constricted due to multiple components like injury, tension, inflammation and poor nutrients. As a result of a reduction in blood flow to this dermal area, you start to feel variations in the luster, resilience, and moisture content of your skin. Acupuncture therapy excels by opening the small blood vessels around your face and body and improving your overall blood circulation.

The subcutaneous or bottom layer of your skin comprises of adipose tissue, blood vessels, and collagen fibers. This layer insulates the body that helps regulate temperature & it also provides shape to your facial features.

Breast Enhancement through Cosmetic acupuncture

Some ladies choose to use cosmetic acupuncture for a rapid breast enlargement 2-3 days prior to major events such as public appearances, weddings, and parties. This is due to the fact that cosmetic acupuncture produces a rapid effect, with minimal side effects and, low cost to get a “cheerful look” as compared to direct surgery or implants.

Does cosmetic acupuncture breast enhancement therapy provides the same effect like implants?

No. The size is not increased dramatically by cosmetic acupuncture therapy. Instead, it strengthens the appearance by growing the firmness, perkiness, and fullness of the patient’s breasts. It works in a similar way as facial acupuncture.

What should you expect if you think about cosmetic acupuncture therapy?

  • First, a regular interview with physical assessment is done to know if you are a right person for the treatment.
  • Second, normally 12 treatments of cosmetic acupuncture are suggested, one per week, in addition to nutritional support. However, fewer or more treatments can be done depending on the person to achieve ideal results.
  • Third, Sessions of cosmetic acupuncture are practically painless and last up to an hour.
  • Forth, cosmetic acupuncture causes no side effects whatsoever. After each session, a patient is ready to continue normal daily activities including driving.

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