Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction

These days the Female Sexual Dysfunction becomes more and more common medical disorder. Sexuality is a composite of action and manners. It is organized not only by different structures of our organisms (endocrine, mental, circulation). Female Sexual Dysfunction Female Sexual Dysfunction also associated to individual’s understanding of the process, social, traditional beliefs, and modifications related to age. Female Sexual Dysfunction disorder may be exaggerated by personal connections with a sexual partner. Every sexual partner passes his ownFemale Sexual Dysfunction needs and response to the sexual relationship. Any disruption in any of these parts of the physiological process may theoretically result in Female Sexual Dysfunction.For epochs, in a majority of ancient philosophies as well as modern beliefs, the public have a tendency to focus on the requirements and the difficulties of the masculine Sexual Dysfunction. For the duration of the last 50 – 60 years in the Western Europe, Canada, and the United States, females’ privileges, emancipation, and sexuality have gone through histrionic deviations. As a result of factors like marriage with greater than before aging, menopause of American women baby boomers, commonness of Female Sexual Dysfunction disorders has surged. The manufacturing of Viagra was instantaneously trailed by extreme pharmaceutical analysis into a women type of the similar drug. The widely held media has now spent a lot of exertions in instructing the community about Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). In reality, Female Sexual Dysfunction is not something novel or unknown. According to historical findings, 15 centuries ago, Taoists in Tibet and China understood that a vigorous sensual life may result in a strong immune system, great general health and may diminish diseases. Many of these people even have faith in the fact that improving sexual health and behaviors can result in long life and immortality. The well-known Tibetan book “The Tao of Sex” recognized as one of the oldest books in the world speaking about the sexuality problems stretching from explicit sexual positions to treatment with medicinal herbs for Female Sexual Dysfunctions.Main four kind of Female Sexual Dysfunction­ known as wish, excitement, orgasmic, and discomfort disorders. These disorders are often overlapped and require to be learned appropriately. Some somatic medical disorders may lead to direct or secondary sexual difficulties.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Traditional Chinese Medicine in general and Acupuncture, in particular, propose a variety of methods of healing of Female Sexual Dysfunction. Acupuncture itself is very beneficial in the treatment of vaginismus – an illness when the external vaginal muscles contracts to avert inserting a penis or even finger. Acupuncture also commonly used for pain relief during intercourse. It may also improve woman’s mood, boost her sensuality and sexual awareness. Tibetan medicinal herbs are commonly used along with acupuncture or as a standalone method. Tibetan Medicinal Herbs often used in continuing and long-lasting bladder infections, which very frequently are provoked by sex. These remedies are often encouraging the arousal and sex drive.

The female libido is as problematical as women’ organism is recognized to be. One of the variations of Female Sexual Dysfunction – Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSSD) is affecting up to 40% of adult females at list once during their sexual lifespan. It is well-known fact that many women suffer from lack of interest in sex (libido).

Educational and Behavioral issues that may cause Female Sexual Dysfunction

The core of this problem? Regardless of any noticeable medical issues, the root is a server connection during the sexual activity to woman’s pleasure/orgasm area in the brain.

It goes much deeper than people who don’t know the physiology of sexual processes may believe. Many conditions may cause a cut of orgasm centers in women’s brain. It could be emotional conditions like angriness or depressions, as well as more somatic conditions such as over-eating and tiredness, however, there is a cultural problem that could be most difficult to heal:

Many women in a young age were taught by their parents:

  • Sexual Pleasure (orgasm) typically point out that the individual is performing some actions that are wrong …
  • Sexual Pleasure (orgasm) prompted guilt… 
  • You have to take care of other (especially your family members) first and only after that, you are allowed to make yourself happy.
  • Maybe you think “I am not behaving this way” and if you aren’t I give a round of applause to you! Hats off! But this is not true. On a subconscious level, 60% of people and 90% of women follow these rules.

That means that the treatment program for Female Sexual Dysfunction and especially for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSSD) must include psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and/or clinical hypnosis. One of these techniques may change women’s set of mind and tune her thoughts to understand and an importance of sexual life and sexual pleasure.

Lack of sexual desire, as well as low libido, is the medical problems for which hypnosis becomes choice #1 in treatment strategy. With hypnotherapy, sexual activity can be revealed or re-experienced for the boundless pleasure and satisfaction it brings. The technique of hypnotherapy for Female Sexual Dysfunction is first and foremost about dealing confidently with sexual disorders which obstruct the aptitude to experience the complete sensual inclination and common gratification consequent with a healthy sex.

At Viva Healthy Life – The Center for Holistic Medicine Dr. Tsan performs hypnotic sessions in order to increase female libido and upsurge the amount of pleasure received by a woman during sexual intercourse. In many cases, this kind of treatment requires the involvement of both sexual partners.

Another method of choice for Female Sexual Dysfunction is homeopathy.

There are many reasons for a lack of libido in women. Most common causes are constant worries, downhearted, depression as well as acknowledge of its own age. Sometimes, women experience a reduction of sexual desire because of dryness of the vagina. Sometimes women of different ages experience antipathy as well as indifference to sex. In homeopathy, it is very important to find the right remedy that covers the symptoms that this particular woman feels.

Dr. Tsan– internationally known homeopath with more than 35 years of experience in homeopathy and gynecology has extended experience in the treatment of the Female Sexual Dysfunction.

During an initial consultation, which is always free of charge at Viva Healthy Life Dr. Tsan will suggest options for treatment and discuss with the patient the optimal approach.

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