Homeopathic Treatment for Yeast infection

Yeast infection and Genital candidiasis

Yeast infection aka Genital candidiasis and also called Candida is a common health problem peculiar to women. The cause of this infection is the overgrowth of a fungusthat is always present in the body called Candida albicans. For a healthy and balanced immune system, Candida albicans are kept under control by lactobacillus bacteria which ensures that this fungus is kept in the right proportion in the body.

The inability of the immune system to maintain the equilibrium needed makes the fungus growing out of proportion leading to genital candidiasis. Candida is not considered as a sexually transmitted disease but is come with a proportion of discomfort to patients.

Vaginal Yeast Infection

One may wonder what could be responsible for a once stable fungus to start to grow in excessive proportion. There is a wide range of factors that are suspected to be responsible or act as a trigger to overgrowth of Yeast infection. These triggers can be the consumption of particular food such as baked food such as bread, processed foods, honey, refined sugar and consumption of too much of fruits. Certain drugs can also be responsible such as immune-suppressing drugs such as steroids, birth controls medicines and antibiotics. The triggers are not exclusive to those mentioned because there are exceptions such as hormonal changes as experienced during pregnancy also during perimenopause.

Effect of Yeast overgrowth

Yeast lives in the digestive tract maintain the natural balance needed for the natural digestion of food which includes keeping bacteria and fungus needed for digestion in check. When an imbalance occurs which leads to an overgrowth of Candida, digestion suffers, and when left unchecked it comes with a variety of discomforting reactions.

Digestive problems are experienced such as gas, pain, constipation, diarrhea, and stool may have mucus. Severe bloating is experienced after meals even after patients deliberately avoid foods such as dairy or wheat.

Itching of a specific part of the body such as the vagina, skin, ears, and rectum is also part of the symptoms. Also, redness and irritation, swelling of the entrance of vaginal and vulva burning and a vaginal discharge which is white or yellowish are characteristics of this condition.

Skin problems such as eczema and acne are also characteristic of Yeast infection.

Painful menstruation, irregular periods, low libido and infertility are reproductive problem symptomatic to Yeast infection.

Mood swings, depression, anxiety and poor focus-ability are also peculiar to Yeast overgrowth in the body.

Other symptoms include food cravings especially alcohol, sugar, and carbohydrates, food allergies and food intolerances, weight imbalances, Immune depletion resulting in hay fever, sinusitis, and cystitis.

Homeopathic treatment of Yeast infection

Homeopathy does two significant things for patients

–     it alleviates discomforting symptoms which is a short-term measure

–    It restores the balance the body once maintained for the production of Candida in the body system and prevents a reoccurrence of the overgrowth.

Yeast infection is a condition that brings immense discomfort and has led many patients to try out different methods of treatments. Some resort to conventional treatment that focuses on getting rid of Yeast infection from the body but Candida later resurface in most cases. Others resort to restrictive anti-Candida diet, but this method is not free from limitation because the moment the diet stops and normal eating starts, the symptoms of Candida surface again.

Of all the available treatments, homeopathic treatment offers the best and lasting treatment to genital candidiasis. Homeopathy primary objective is to boost the body’s immune system in a natural way bringing the body back to the natural equilibrium it once achieved. When this balance is restored, the growth of Yeast infection is stabilized to the required proportion. This is what makes homeopathy stand tall among other options because it helps the body to exhibit its natural healing ability which will bring about general wellbeing.

Another good thing with homeopathic treatments is that the remedies do not have antimycotic side effect and are regarded as safe. Homeopathy gently restores the body back to its original functional state and prevents future reoccurrence of the ailment.

The duration of the homeopathic treatment takes between 3-5 months especially in recurrent cases of candidiasis. It is pertinent to complete the procedure because relief is experienced as early as the first week of treatment and this might make patient to relax and discontinue treatment. Stopping treatment midway will cause a recurrence imminent. A sex partner does not need the treatment because it is not sexually transmitted.

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