Endocrine disorders

Endocrine Disorders

Endocrine disordersThere are a number of causes of endocrine disorders. An endocrine gland can create an excessive or insufficient amount of hormones causing in an endocrine disproportion. The progress of knots or tumors can obstruct suitable hormone fabrication. Also, many diseases inherited conditions, traumas or contamination would subsidize an endocrine illness. Modern Western medicine usually suggests artificial hormone treatment stabilize a particular medical condition. Unfortunately, this method may probably cause somatic changes that may be problematic to inverse.

Acupuncture: Re-Balancing Hormonal Disproportion

At Viva Healthy Life, licensed acupuncturists, will define the most appropriate acupoints to improve the endocrine problem. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a disproportion of the hormones in women’s reproduction system, is common and noticeable endocrine problem. In 2009 Science Daily Magazine issued sensational discoveries about a clinical study performed at the University of Gothenburg in Stockholm, Sweden. According to this printed materials numerous of females with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome “have higher than normal sympathetic nerve function. This almost always causes a hyperinsulinemia, insulin conflict, weight gain as well as different kind of heart and blood circulation disorders”. This research also demonstrated that use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in general and acupuncture particularly may considerably decrease the higher than normal functions and appeared to be beneficial complimentary treatment integrated with additional medicines.

Homeopathy: “like cures like” philosophy

Prescribing the tiny quantities of natural elements that in a healthy organism would lead to the similar endocrine condition, homeopathy causes natural curing. For example homeopathic remedy Sepia made from oval-bodied cephalopods that include the cuttlefishes very beneficial for women that have rear or no menstrual cycle. Another remedy Bellis causes cysts melting.

Herbal Medicine: Medicinal Herbs and Plants Improve the Endocrine Structure

There are numerous of Tibetan herb and plants that are beneficial in the treatment of various symptoms related to different endocrine conditions. Menopause, for example, is the one of the endocrine disorders that can successfully be healed with licorice, black cohosh, primrose oil and dong Quai. Another important herbal remedy is Gardenia fruit extract. I suffer from ADHD. So it’s really difficult for me to turn my brain off at night. This led to a lack of sleep which affected me physically and mentally. But then I found on https://www.westshorewomenshealth.com/about-us/ambien-online/, that Ambien can be the cure to all of my problems. And it really was. Ambien helped me fall asleep at night. I recommend Ambien to those who are going through similar issues. It helps to reduce blood sugar in patients who are suffering from type two diabetes. There are numerous of alternative treatments for endocrine disorders and many of them proved the effectiveness and harmless in animal and human trials. For more information regarding holistic treatment of endocrine disorders read other articles on this site.

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