Anger Management

What is Anger

Anger is a passionate mental condition that fluctuates in severity from slight impatience to extreme wrath and indignation, Charles Spielberger, Ph.D., a psychiatrist that dedicates himself to the anger management research, said.

anger managementSimilar to all reactions, anger is complemented by physical and biotic modifications; when an individual gets angry, the pulse rate and BP drive up, as well as the concentration of the energy hormones in the blood stream.

Anger may happen as a result of either external or internal occasions. An individual can be angry at a particular individual (colleague, co-worker, associate, partner, family member, or boss) or episode (a road congestion, loss in a casino), or this condition may be a result of worrying about your private difficulties. Recollections of stressful or maddening happenings may also cause anger.

The unconscious, method to demonstrate anger is to answer back in a hostile way. Anger is a normal, adaptive reaction to dangers; it stimulates commanding, often violent, emotional state and conducts, which permit us to combat and to protect ourselves when we are confronted. For that reason, some quantity of anger is required to our existence. At the same time, however, we can’t physically blowout at every single individual or thing that bothers or infuriates us; rulings, social standards, and public declarations set restrictions on how far away our irritation can bring us.

Hypnotherapy is probably the best way to help a patient to adjust the way he/she is reacting or conducting in circumstances that lead to an explosion of anger, temper, and irritation. By communication with a patient’s subconscious mind, the well-trained hypnotist may be able to pinpoint the core of the issue and instruct an individual what are the possible reactions in each particular situation and which of these reactions are problematic and/or aeiszapfen lichterkette 3m cheap yeezy shoes casio model calculator xbox 360 freezing minifalda vaquera el corte ingles rosenthal landscape sac petite mendigote kurtka tommy hilfiger czarna damska ισοθερμικο μπλουζακι stok amazon goldkette 24 karat herren vans sandals australia mi box s update vans sandals australia xbox 360 freezing accessoire cheveux annees 30 chez amazon wkward. By creating an association in the hypnotic script, hypnotist makes a patient to choose the right reaction and behavior and because the way of acting chosen by the patient his/her brain accept it as its own product and never fights against it.

Hypnotherapy for Anger Management

Does hypnotherapy help for anger control? As a professional hypnotist, I have many calls during the day when potential patients asking if my method can help them to control anger. The short response is: “Yes, clinical hypnosis can succeed and demonstrate the incredible outcomes for lots of individuals”. The most important criteria for hypnotherapy to be effective or not, in particular, a clinical case for a particular patient are the patient attitude and willingness to cooperate. In a hypnotic trance, the patient becomes naturally peaceful and less doubtful and as long as a patient is not fighting against hypnotist and following all instruction – the benefits of hypnotherapy and the effectiveness of this method in anger control is going all the way up to the level of almost 100%. The patients’ minds are relaxing and the subconscious welcomes all positive instructions proposed by the practitioner. Patients’ emotions become more stable and tranquil and the patient sees the positive results in his day to day life.

In reality, hypnotherapy is simply the best technique for healing emotional and psychological conditions that develop from the ground of a subconscious part of the human mind. The list of those conditions includes chronic stress, fears, panic attacks, anger, bad habits and addictions, anxiety, depressions, and chronic stress. The success of psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis in the treatment of emotional conditions depends on the ability of the hypnotist to put a patient into the very deep relaxation that called hypnotic trance. Being in this state of mind the patient becomes open for suggestions and all positive suggestions pronounced by the therapist are easily accepted by the individual in a hypnotic trance and placed into the archive of the subconscious part of the brain.

To better understand what hypnotic trance is and how it feels imagine you somewhere in a resort. Warm climate, beautiful weather, peaceful sound of the ocean, nice people around, great food and great drinks… You are completely relaxed and if at that moment your spouse proposes some activity that you like – you’ll immediately accept it.

Now imagine that in a hypnotic trance the level of relaxation is hundreds of times deeper than in a resort. The rest is just a technical part. The hypnotist should create the right script (set of phrases that will stop a patient from getting angry) and articulate it to the patient while the patient is in a trance.

The quantity of hypnoses required for this treatment may be different but most of the time it’s 5 or 6 sessions. The counseling performed by psychologists, however, may take several months of treatment with 1 or 2 sessions per week. Counseling, Psychoanalysis, and Clinical Hypnosis may be used at the same time, but it’s good to ask your hypnotist if you need the combination or hypnotherapy will take care of everything.

The cost of Clinical Hypnosis sessions usually fluctuate between $125 and $200 and the average session lasts for as long as 90 minutes.

If a patient is realizing that the anger runs out of limits, and it is impacting individual’s ability to interact with other people and negatively influence on essential parts of life hypnotherapy can be a #1 method of treatment that can help to learn and implement appropriate ways of handling a difficult situation of human’s life.

Hypnotherapy for anger management at Viva Healthy Life

At Viva Healthy Life, Dr. Tsan has academical and clinical experience of anger management. Each year more than 100 patients with this emotional disorder get treatment in our center. Very often our treatment consists of a combination of psychoanalysis and clinical hypnosis. Sometimes we are adding Tibetan herbs to help a patient to relax and be more open to hypnotic suggestions.

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