Natural remedies for asthma

Natural remedies for asthma are popular because of their effectiveness. Also Homeopathic remedies for asthma cause no side effects. Asthma is a severe and progressively common illness. There are nearly 15 billion individuals in the United Asthma can be successfully treated with natural remedies for asthmaStates, who are suffering from asthma, and in 2014 this syndrome cost the country $13 zillions, together with $2.6 millions in-hospital care, $2 billion in wages that guardians who took care of sick children lost while not working and staying home, $1.7 billion in cost of pharmaceutical drugs, as well as approximately $970 million in lost incomes of ill people.

Asthma is actually severe and sometimes a life-threatening medical condition. Conservative pharmaceutical chemical medicines used for asthma therapy, for the most part, steroids, can weaken the immune system and cause even more severe health disorders. Homeopathic constitutional healing is very effective in order to reach a permanent or, at least, long-term cure of the disease.

Doctor William Osler, who is recognized as the founder and developer of Contemporary Medicine, said, “Patients with asthma don’t pass away, they simply ‘paint into old age.'” Nevertheless, a modern study on Homeopathic remedies for asthma circulated in JAMA (December 11, 2014) advise that help is in prospect for asthma patients.

A clinical study led by professors at the Mayo Clinic, America’s most famous medical institute, pointed out that the asthmatics given an extraordinarily high homeopathic dilution (the micro dosage in conventional understanding) of whatever ingredient to which patients are hypersensitive may result in substantial relief during the first couple of weeks of therapy. The scientists termed this distinctive technique of personalizing remedies “homeopathic immunotherapy.”

In order to prove the effectiveness of natural remedies for asthma scientists of the Mayo Clinic performed the double-blind and placebo-controlled test that discovered improvement among asthmatic patients that received treatment with Homeopathic remedies for asthma in 87% and only 14% of asthmatics that received a placebo reported a comparable improvement.

All individuals, participants of the clinical trial were examined by both, a homeopathic practitioner and a conventional western medical doctor.

Neither patients nor physicians knew what this particular individual received (a homeopathic remedy for asthma or placebo).

The trial was comparatively small, with only 124 participants. To be statistically recognized as complete, such trials must demonstrate a significant dissimilarity between the main and controlled groups of patients. This clinical trial discovered a high degree of correlation between the clinical result and method of treatment.

The scientists make use of traditional allergy analysis to define to what elements the patients were hypersensitive, and then treated 50% of those participants with a 30th dilution of the ingredient. As a rule of the trial, neither the scientists nor the trial participants knew who was given the homeopathic remedy and who placebo).

The 30th homeopathic dilution states that the initial ingredient was diluted 30 times in proportion of 1:100 with distilled water, with energetic shaking the solution for each dilution.

The amount of ingredient in this 30th potency is so small that both homeopathic doctors and conventional western physicians admit that remedy contains just a few remaining molecules of the original allergen if any. According to homeopathic pharmacology, this method of preparation of homeopathic remedies makes them much more potential than just a regular dilution, because the crystal frame of distilled water that is used for this process memorizes the biostructure of the original element. New conceptions in sciences and specifically those associated twitches theories and fractals proved that the mechanism of the functionality of the homeopathic remedies is perfectly agreed with these cutting-edge theories.

The scientists concluded, “The total number of positive data received during this study appeared to be amazement to us. The proof obtained in this trial would perhaps be enough for instituting Homeopathic treatment for asthma as a systematic healing method for certain pulmonary medical conditions.”

The popularity of Homeopathic treatment for asthma throughout the world grows every day, especially in Europe and India. More than 47% of French physicians and 24% of German medical doctors recommend homeopathic remedies for asthma to their patients. Over 40% of conventional doctors in Great Britain advise their patients to see homeopathic practitioners for evaluation and Homeopathic treatment for asthma. In Netherland, almost 50% of medical professionals believe that Homeopathic treatment for asthma is one of the most effective methods.

Many medical books must be altered now to recognize homeopathy after it was misunderstood and suppressed since its inception.

While it is excessively premature to conclude the role of homeopathy in the future of health care, medical professionals and experts must now create a clinically verified legal place.

Asthmatics every so often has allergic predispositions; a genetic tendency is common. Constitutional treatment with homeopathic remedies performed by a well-trained homeopath may benefit in recovering an individual’s overall wellbeing on deeper stages and perhaps diminish the predisposition in the direction of asthma. I was first prescribed Prednisone 10 years ago, following my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. I used to take a daily dosage of 10 mg as my doctor said, but I was losing a lot of weight and was getting really weak. suggested a lower dosage, so following the third year of Prednisone, I altered it as a test. With a decreased dosage, I would still get most of the benefits and felt much better overall. Properly selected homeopathic medicines may benefit in reducing the degree of suffering for the duration of asthma outbreaks.

Here at Viva Healthy Life, Dr. Tsan to asthmatic patients Homeopathic remedies for asthma using high homeopathic dilutions. During the year 2014, the number of patients who underwent treatment in the center appeared to be above 100. 90% of them reported significant improvement as a result of treatment. 80% of patients that initially took steroid therapy were able to stop taking these hormonal drugs without any deterioration of their condition. Here at Viva Healthy Life, we use natural remedies for asthma manufactured by the French pharmaceutical giant Boiron, Belgium Homeopathic Giant – Unda, and Italian pharmaceutical company – Guna. These companies are known as the cleanest ecological producers of homeopathic medicines in the world.

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