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April 2, 2015

Homeopathy Philadelphia

Origins of Homeopathy in Philadelphia

Homeopathy Philadelphia Old Hahnemann HospitalThe word expression “Homeopathy Philadelphia” has very deep roots. This medical philosophy was developed and invented in Germany by Samuel Hahnemann in the 16th century, but later in the 17th-century majority of German emigrants settled in Pennsylvania and especially in Philadelphia. Many of them were medical doctors in Germany and practiced homeopathy. Here in the United States, they continued their professional education and development and used homeopathy in their everyday private practice.

It led the City of Brotherly Love to become a center of American homeopa­thy. In 1867, the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania that later was renamed to Hahnemann Medical College in honor of Doctor Samuel Hahnemann was founded in Philadelphia PA. Many American medical doctors got their education at Hahnemann and the majority of them took classes in homeopathy. Hahnemann became the main source of homeopathic education in the United States for almost 90 years.

Homeopathy is perhaps one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine. Invented by a German doctor Samuel Hahnemann in the end of 18th century, homeopathy appeared one of the most prominent methods of alternative medicine. Hahnemann wasn’t happy with the way individuals were cured that time. He was especially angered by procedures such as bloodletting which he claimed did the patient more harm than good. He gave up his practice to teach languages and translate medical texts. While translating a Treatise on Materia Medica, Hahnemann read that the bark of a Peruvian tree was effective in treating malaria due to its astringent qualities. However, Hahnemann disagreed and began to test the effects on the Cinchona (a.k.a China) on his own body. In his research, he discovered that this herb triggers alike symptoms to those initiated by malaria. Based on his research he came to the conclusion that substances which can cause symptoms of a disease in a healthy person are capable of treating the symptoms in an afflicted person. After more research, Hahnemann published his discoveries in many medical professional magazines across Europe. Soon enough the use of homeopathy has spread throughout of all European countries.

During the 1850’s through the 1940’s, approximately 5 million German people immigrated to the United States. The majority of them settled in the northeastern United States mainly, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York. Philadelphia attracted many German settlers.

These immigrants, in turn, introduced the practice of Homeopathy Philadelphia. As a result, Homeopathy Philadelphia began to spread rapidly. Over the next decade, Philadelphia became one of the leaders in homeopathic practices in the entire United States. The effectiveness of Homeopathy was so evident, that in 1867 the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania which later was renamed to Hahnemann Medical College in honor of Doctor Samuel Hahnemann was founded in Philadelphia PA. Many American medical doctors got their education at Hahnemann and the majority of them took classes in homeopathy. Hahnemann became the main source of homeopathic education in the United States for almost 90 years. But in 1948 the administration of the College decided to exclude homeopathy from the list of the required subjects. The university offered homeopathic treatments and education for many years. The University provided help to many patients who were suffering from the disease that could not be cured with the available medicinal treatments. The university also trained many practitioners who in turn help spread Homeopathy Philadelphia and across the entire United States.

Still, Pennsylvania calls itself “the alma mater of homeopathy” because in 1936 the first in the world official homeopathic medical college was established in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The founding of this school was permitted, supported and sponsored by the North American Academy of the Homeopathic Healing Art.

A German scientist and homeopath – Doctor Constantine Hering was appointed to the position of the president of this college and became an ancestor of the American Homeopathy.

Constantine Hering was a close friend of Samuel Hahnemann. After Hahnemann released his research, Hering began perfecting the practice homeopathy, here in Philadelphia. After establishing a good reputation, Hering founded The North American Academy of the Homeopathic Healing Art. There he did much research on the effects of different substances on the human body. During his research, he developed many homeopathic remedies that are still in use today. The research that Hering published was used by the largest companies across the world to help create the remedies that they offer today. Hering’s success in the homeopathic fields made him a master in Homeopathy Philadelphia and encouraged the spread of homeopathy across the United States. Hering’s success and tireless effort in the homeopathic research earned him praise, so much that today Hering is considered the father of Homeopathy Philadelphia, and in in the whole country.

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