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The Philadelphia holistic clinic is a unique clinic due to its quite unique approach to healthcare. In conventional medical approach, when a person calls in sick, doctors tend to see the person more as a case study of a particular disease, than as an actual person. So, they tend to treat you more like a disease case study, than as a person. However, at Philadelphia, there is a holistic clinic that thinks otherwise. Holistic medicine tends to look at each patient as a unique individual with unique issues. The Viva Healthy Life holistic center at Philadelphia has a combination of traditional medicine from different areas of the world – including acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, and hypnotherapy to meet your physical, mental, psychological and emotional needs. We are going to be discussing more on holistic practices at the Viva Healthy Life Holistic Center and then we would move more specifically to Hypnotherapy in Philadelphia.

Holistic practices in Philadelphia:

Viva healthy life is a Center Of Holistic Medicine in Philadelphia; Holistic therapy views your health as a whole. Holistic treatment is not just traditional medicine, but a combination of different types of medicine including traditional and homeopathic medicine to give you more complete treatment. Various components of your well being can affect your health. There are physical, mental, psychological, ecological and emotional aspects of your health that must be balanced for you to be truly healthy. For example, there is a story of a man who a doctor asked: “is the pain getting better?” The man then replied “what pain are you talking about?” then he added “do you mean the pain I feel in my leg due to my arthritis? Or, the pain I feel because I just lost my daughter? Or the pain I feel because I think this society does not treat people like me well?” that is just a point to show that most of the time, there is more to our struggles with diseases than we think. Holistic medicine encourages us to be more open-minded in the treatment of disease.

Orthodox medicine has philosophies on therapy which are very accurate but may be improved on if supplemented with holistic treatment. However, traditional and alternative medicines also have philosophies which are accurate in many instances. For example, many of the drugs used in orthodox medicine are derived from herbs used in traditional medicine. One of them the popular digoxin derived from foxglove which is used in treating heart issues. This is just one of the many cases where a different philosophy does not necessarily translate to a wrong philosophy. At Viva Healthy Life Holistic Center, we give you a chance to get a more complete treatment by combining different perspectives and philosophies to healthcare. The Viva Healthy Life Holistic center has four major units: the Philadelphia acupuncture clinic, the Philadelphia Homeopathic clinic, the Philadelphia hypnotherapy clinic, and the addiction center. In the next section, we will be talking about hypnotherapy in Philadelphia.


Hypnotherapy is in simple words is using hypnosis to treat health issues. Hypnotherapy is of very great help in addition to other methods of therapy in treating pain (physical, emotional and mental), addictions, social issues like shyness, trauma and a host of other health and social issues. It is more like a complementary medicine to modern day psychiatry or an alternative. Hypnosis, is not really a state of deep sleep as many people think, but more like an altered state of awareness. In a normal mind, the conscious mind is more on an active level, but the subconscious mind is asleep. In a state of hypnosis, however, your subconscious is mind is awake and your conscious mind goes to the background. Your subconscious mind is a universe of possibilities, so suggestions to your subconscious mind done through neuro-linguistic programming have a tremendous effect on your mind. If wrong suggestions are made to a hypnotized person, the outcome could be terrible. This is why at Viva Healthy Life Holistic center, we have specialists who are trained in hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming who can give you the best out of your hypnotherapy. If you are considering hypnotherapy in addition to your treatment regimen, or as an alternative for your health issues, or you just want more information on Hypnotherapy Philadelphia or holistic therapy, you can look up Viva Health Life Holistic Clinic for more information.  

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