July 15, 2014

Clinical Hypnosis Philadelphia

Medical Director of Viva Healthy Life – internationally known hypnotherapist Dr. Tsan has more than 35 years of experience in this discipline. Initially, he graduated from the famous school of psychotherapy in the capital of The Soviet Union. Then he learned hypnotherapy in Royal Hospital of London, England, and later he came to the United States where he got certified by International School of Hypnosis located in Biddeford, Main.

After Dr. Tsan opened his hypnotic clinic in Philadelphia, he started to analyze different ways of approaches to hypnosis. As a result of this study, Dr. Tsan developed his own hypnotic technique with a unique method of communication and started the process of hypnosis in Philadelphia.

Here at Viva Healthy Life – The Center for Holistic Medicine in Philadelphia, we help people to solve many frustrating problems every day. Many of you have probably tried different approaches such as motivation, conscious attempts to change or simply through willpower, however necessary are not always sufficient by themselves. What these approaches have in common is that all of these methods work with the conscious mind. Very often, however, the problem lies in a subconscious, where these techniques cannot penetrate. This is where hypnotherapy is most effective.

Hypnosis Philadelphia

Best Hypnosis Doctor in Philadelphia

The treatments that Dr. Tsan provides are personalized and customized. There are no scripted relaxation techniques but real Medical Hypnosis. The procedure itself is not harmful, in fact, when done correctly it can bring about terrific changes after the first treatments.

More about Hypnosis in Philadelphia:

The question that arises is about what is Clinical Hypnosis. It is a procedure during which the patient is put in a trance for an extended period of time. A trance is a state of consciousness during which the patient is not awake but not entirely asleep.

The trance induced by the professional hypnotist, however, will last significantly longer than several second and allow the practitioner to treat the patient’s problems. While in this state the person is susceptible to suggestion, as the person is functional enough to receive instructions but is also in tune with his or her subconscious. This state allows the hypnotist to determine the core of the problem and to help the patient to eliminate the problem along with the roots. Once the patient is hypnotized, he or she can be influenced to get rid of the annoying habit.

The success of this treatment, however, depends on the patient’s willingness to go through with the treatments. A patient who desires to change honestly and on a deep level will have a lot more success than a person who is trying to find a quick fix to his or her problem. The main principle of Hypnosis is that you cannot force a patient to do what he or she would not do under normal circumstances. So in order for the hypnotherapy to work, you must honestly want to experience the positive change, along with the effort provided by the best hypnosis doctor. This is why so often people who bring relatives to be hypnotized do not see results. You should search for the hypnosis therapy near me when you can possess a positive attitude.

Hypnosis in Philadelphia born and developed at Viva Healthy Life

At Viva Healthy Life we provide authentic clinical hypnosis. Dr. Tsan is a medical doctor who dedicated his life to helping people live healthy lifestyles. For over 35 years Dr. Tsan has been helping hundreds of patients overcome many varied afflictions. Our mission is to provide the best hypnosis in Philadelphia to ensure that our patients receive the personalized care that they deserve. We are happy to answer all of the patients’ questions regarding Hypnosis as well as about any other services that are offered here in our center.

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