Esperal for Alcohol Addiction

Esperal Implant for Alcoholism Treatment

When we are chatting about treatment for alcohol addiction, there are different ways to deal with this problem. Esperal Implant considered being the Best One. Many clinical studies show the effectiveness of Esperal Implant because once it implanted, it is hard for the patient to deal with alcohol.

esperal-implant-networkThere is no doubt in anybody’s mind of how terrible alcohol addiction is. It creates both physical and psychical problem that interferes with the daily routine. There are a lot of different medical approaches offered by narcologists that “guarantee” cure, but the Esperal implant is still the most effective one.

The first mention of the predecessor of Esperal goes back to 1800s. At that time, rubber manufacturers used Disulfiram in their technological cycles of rubber production. Local physicians reported that an unusual number of people involved in the rubber industry suffer from unknown severe symptoms after consumption of a non-considerable amount of alcohol. Based on these reports, starting from the 1937 year and until now, Esperal and its ingredient Disulfiram placed under the magnifying glasses. Even more, a lot of studies show that Esperal implant is very effective treating alcohol addiction.

How Esperal Implant works

Esperal main ingredient is Disulfiram. It is a well-known chemical for its ability to produce so-called Disulfiram-Ethanol Reaction (DER) in the human body when alcohol is consumed. DER starts when some essential enzymes blocked by Disulfiram, and as a result, DER initiates causing “unpleasant symptoms.” Be aware, that we are talking not about just regular discomfort, DER creates cruel discomfort. In USA Disulphiram drug is available in the form of oral pills, but approved by FDA for intro-muscular injections also. The existence of the back door, when a patient can stop taking Disulfiram pills anytime to avoid negative feeling makes this treatment ineffective even for addicts, who want to quit. The idea of limiting addict from maintaining the concentration of disulfiram in the bloodstream initiated research and development of the Esperal Implant.

History of Esperal implant for alcoholism

First, anti-alcoholism implants were developed and very successfully used in Russia in the 70th of the 20th century. It called TORPEDO, which translates from Russian as a submarine. Torpedo contained a tiny ampoule filled with liquid tetraethylthiuram disulfide. The tetraethylthiuram disulfide is the drug that creates symptoms very similar to Disulphiram. But unfortunately, tetraethylthiuram disulfide had a lot of bad side effects, and at some time it was banned and replaced by the Latvian implant, called ENCODE. Encode consisted of liquid Disulphiram and distributed permanent concentration of Disulphiram in a bloodstream. The reaction starts if alcohol reached a certain predetermined level. Since Disulphiram also has some side effects on the human body, the permanent presence of it in the bloodstream was not recommended by the majority of physicians and pharmacologists. And that’s when Esperal hit the market. It was the microchip that contained Disulfiram in the form of dry powder, and most importantly, it had no contact at all with the body and organs unless microchip indicates the increase of alcohol level in the bloodstream. That’s when Esperal released a microdose of an active element. Microchip is French made and considers being the #1 implant in the world. Also, it recognized by physician and scientists as harmless, and that’s why recommended for use.

Esperal Microchip and Dosator

With microchip implemented, the patient is encouraged to stop drinking alcohol or experience very “unpleasant” condition if alcohol consumed. It is very important to know that, those who agreed for the Esperal implant fully understand all possible outcome of alcohol consumption when the device is active.

Esperal Implant is a microchip that consists of a thin-film circuit, and a tiny container with dry, 100% concentrated powder of Disulphiram. Esperal microchip has a serial number, and this number should be registered in the database to be activated. Each chip may be turned on and off in a matter of seconds from the cloud server. If the microchip armed, it calculates the level of the Ethanol in a bloodstream. While the concentration of Ethanol free radicals is within an acceptable level, Esperal functions in standby mode. If however, the level of the spirits goes above normal biological standards, microchip activates the dosator and infuses a single crystal of Disulfiram into the bloodstream.

Life expectancy for the Esperal microchip is approximately five years. Then, Esperal gets encapsulated by the surrounding connective tissues becomes inactive.

NOTE: All medical and prescription pharmaceutical drugs, a bottle of non-alcoholic beer once a day, any food with cooking wine, etc. are ALLOWED with a microchip.

Esperal Implant DER Symptoms

Since the year 2012, when our center been certified for Esperal treatment 99% of patients completely stopped taking alcohol and feel totally comfortable without it.

Only one patient during our four years of practice decided to test the effectiveness of this implant, and the reaction was terrible. The problem is that Disulfiram Ethanol reaction can’t be stopped once it initiated

This implantation technique of the Esperal first comes up back in 1968. Studies showed that this method is very productive for patients who want to recover from addiction. The mind is locked up to set up a bridge between alcohol and the severe symptoms that come up after drinking alcohol.

Esperal is highly sensitive to alcohol and leads to a series of acrimonious symptoms. Among those are vomiting, painful headaches, vertigo, short of breath, trembling, panic attack, unwilling urination, and so on. What is more, patients during that occurrence are 100% self-aware and experience those symptoms?

Above said symptoms develop very fast, in approximately 5-15 minutes after drinking alcohol. That means that the patient is virtually clear-headed as liquor did not affect the body’s functions yet and the individual apprehends what is going on.

Esperal as a part of treatment Program

Always keep in mind that Esperal does not cure itself, and it is much more productive when combined with other treatments. That’s why at Philadelphia Addiction Center we make the Esperal implantation as a part of the general treatment.

For Esperal activation patient’s bloodstream should be totally free from alcohol.

Philadelphia Addiction Center is the first and the only clinic on the East Coast of the USA where patients can get the Esperal Implant embedded.

At Philadelphia Addiction Center, local patients undergo 12 ear acupuncture procedures (NADA protocol) along with five-six hypnosis sessions. During the last treatment implantation of the microchip occurs.

For out of state patients, we recommend staying sober for 12-15 days before the implantation. Each patient must pass urine or saliva test for alcohol and if negative undergo the procedure.

It is very important to understand that the patient should receive acupuncture and hypnotherapy treatments during which complete body detox (NADA) and addiction reset techniques delivered.

The addiction reset procedure is a hypnotherapeutic session during which Dr. Tsan defines the bio-electrical activity of a patient’s brain obligating an individual to be uninterested to alcohol.

Esperal facts and fiction!


Implantation of the microchip will harm and be painful to me.


There is no anesthesia involved in the Implantation procedure. The procedure is taken place at our addiction center and is very simple. The implanted microchip comes preloaded in a sterile bottle and is infusing either in your brachial or gluteus muscles. The procedure takes only a few seconds.


Having the Implant, my physician always knows my location.


You can’t compare Esperal-Implant to a GPS tracking tool. Opposite, Esperal is a radio-frequency identification (RFID) implant that toggles some permanent ID. Because Esperal-Implant uses RFID technology, microchips implants do not require a control source like a GPS. When a microchip injected into your muscles, it obtains enough bio-electricity power to acknowledge the signal from the cloud server and activate internal Disulfiram container-dosator afterward. Because there’s no battery and no moving parts, there’s nothing to charge, have on, or regenerate. The microchip usually lasts from 3 to 5 years depending on your body structure, muscles, body weight, etc.


Microchips Implant is very expensive.


If patient able to stay off alcohol for three weeks before Esperal implantation, and if alcohol concentration at the time of the procedure is within normal limits, Doctor Tsan may decide to embed Esperal without any additional medical procedures. The price of the microchip and its implantation in those cases is $1500.00.

In some cases, there is a need to help a patient to stay sober, and in this case, additional medical procedures such as acupuncture, detoxification, hypnotherapy are necessary.


All my personal information is inside the chip, and anyone can access it with some scanner.


Inside Microchips is only a unique identification number. The database that has all your information stored on a secure server and no one but your doctor can use it.

**It is vital to maintaining a patient’s contact information current in case a narcologist needs to get in touch.

Popularity of Esperal

Esperal implants are widely used throughout Europe. Today, this procedure is available at the Philadelphia Addiction Center too. 

For more information about the disulfiram implantation, read the article at the US National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health

Dr. Tsan will guide you through the whole process to reach the best possible result.

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