Parathyroid Disease Homeopathic treatment

Parathyroid Disease Homeopathic treatment becomes more and more popular nowadays. It is because other than Parathyroid Disease Homeopathic treatment and Parathyroid Disease Acupuncture Treatment the only option is surgery, which is pretty simple, but still requires a special hospital environment, as well as recovery time. Parathyroid disease is a very common metabolic disorder. It is the third most common metabolic disorder after diabetes and thyroid disease. In 80% of the cases, people having parathyroid diseases may not know of their condition. However, parathyroid diseases can cause serious, uncomfortable, and potentially life-threatening conditions like kidney stones, bone disorders, muscle and nerve disorders; and cardiovascular issues such as hardening of the arteries which can cause blockage and heart issues. In all, if you ever find out that you have parathyroid disease, you have to seek professional help in order to keep it under control.

Parathyroid diseases can come as two different types. One is hyperparathyroidism where too many parathyroid hormones are secreted by the parathyroid glands. This causes the body to have too much calcium which is also called hypercalcemia and too little phosphorus. This makes you predisposed to kidney stones, and hardening of the muscles and blood vessels due to the accumulation of calcium in these areas. Another type of parathyroid disease on the other extreme is hypoparathyroidism. This is where the parathyroid glands do not produce too many parathyroid hormones. This will lead to excess calcium and too little phosphorus in the body. What happens as a result of this is extreme muscle cramps called tetany. From this, you can see that the parathyroid glands secrete the parathyroid hormones. The parathyroid hormones are in turn responsible for controlling the balance between calcium and phosphorus in our bodies. So, in essence, if anything goes wrong with the parathyroid hormone, there will be an imbalance in calcium and phosphorus levels which can lead to different health conditions. We will talk about different homeopathic medicines and how they can help you get better. However, we have to talk about what we are aiming at when treating parathyroid diseases.

Aims of Parathyroid Disease Homeopathic treatment:

In homeopathic medicine, we aim to treat the root cause of any disease. The principle of Parathyroid Disease Homeopathic treatmenthomeopathy is the principle of “similinum similibus curentur” which means “like cures like” at small doses drugs that can cause symptoms similar to that of a disease can be used to cure the disease. For example, quinine in large doses can cause something called cinchonism which resembles some symptoms of malaria; lidocaine which is used to treat some types of arrhythmias can also cause arrhythmias on its own. Some anticancer agents can also cause cancer and so on. Well, while these examples apply to orthodox medicine, you get the idea of how homeopathic methods work. In Parathyroid Disease Homeopathic treatment, the aim of is to:

  • Get rid of the source of the problem: fixing the problems causing parathyroid diseases like vitamin D deficiency, tumors in the parathyroid glands, kidney problems, use of drugs like lithium and so on will be very effective in resolving parathyroid disorders.
  • Resolve electrolyte imbalances: since the parathyroid glands control the balance of calcium and phosphorus, they are imbalanced in parathyroid disorders. Restoring this balance can help cure many of these symptoms like tetany, nausea, and vomiting and reduce the risk of complications like kidney stones.
  • Treat symptoms and complications: parathyroid disease kidney stones, bone disorders like osteoporosis, extreme muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting, hardening of muscles and blood vessels which can cause many symptoms like depression, pain, fatigue and a host of other uncomfortable symptoms. Homeopathic medicines aim to resolve these symptoms and complications so you can have a better quality of life and you do not feel restricted in your daily activities.


Parathyroid Disease Homeopathic treatment:

Some homeopathic remedies for parathyroid disease are:

Calcarea Carbonica: this is very good for calcium deficiency in hypoparathyroidism and osteoporosis in hyperthyroidism (which is a weakness of the bones due to loss of parts of the bones).

Calcarea Phosphorica: this top-grade homeopathic medicine is one of the best treatments in hyperparathyroidism and hypoparathyroidism. It helps balance the calcium and phosphorus levels in the body. The concentration at which the homeopathic doctor will give you will depend on your circumstances and whether it is hyperparathyroidism or hypoparathyroidism. It is also useful for nausea, vomiting, tetany, bone disorders and a host of other symptoms in parathyroid disease. There is a case study of a woman with primary hyperparathyroidism which came with vomiting and extreme weakness who was treated with Calcarea Phosphoric 200C and improved dramatically after continuous treatment.

Nux Vomica: This plant-based drug is very effective for nausea and vomiting in parathyroid disorders.

Magnesia Phosphorica: this homeopathic remedy is very good in treating tetany which is common in hypoparathyroidism.

Symphytum Officinale: used to treat bone fractures and other bone complications due to osteoporosis.

Fluoricum Acidum: this is used for bone disorders, especially when it is caused by metabolic disorders – like parathyroid disorders for instance.

Other medications such as Natrium Muriaticum, Magnesia Muriatica and so on can be very useful in the treatment of the cause of parathyroid disease and the symptoms depend on your personality and the type of parathyroid disorders affecting you. I was afraid that Nolvadex will not help. They state on that the chances curing cancer is like for 40-60%, but go to hell all doubters, it worked, my neoplasm vanished! I was treating it almost a five years, all under supervision and with needed precautions. Didn’t want to go under knife and it worked. Now I am the most happy in the whole universe! Don’t doubt, have faith and go one, you can do it! You can contact our clinic to get more information about our schedule, availability, and prices for Parathyroid Disease Homeopathic treatment.

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